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having no color


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1 Vitiligo is a disease characterized with the appearance of achromic or hypochromic patches on the skin and mucous membranes as well.
Retinal achromic patches were found in 39 of the patients (12).
Minor features include bone cysts, confetti skin lesions, CNS white matter migration abnormalities, dental enamel pits, gingival fibromas, rectal polyps, multiple renal cysts, nonrenal hamartomas, and a retinal achromic patch.
5,6) The differential diagnosis should include hemangioma, bacillary angiomatosis, peripheral giant cell granuloma, peripheral ossifying fibroma, and some malignancies, such as Kaposi sarcoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and achromic melanoma.
1998) Criteria Age at Onset Major Facial angiofibroma Infancy to adulthood Ungual fibroma Adolescence to adulthood Shagreen patch Childhood Hypomelanotic macule Infancy to childhood Cortical tuber Fetal life Subependymal nodule Childhood to adolescence Subependymal giant Childhood to adolescence cell tumor Retinal hamartoma Infancy Cardiac rhabdomyoma Fetal life Renal angiomyolipoma Childhood to adulthood Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Adolescence to adulthood Minor Multiple pits in dental enamel Hamartomatous rectal polyps Bone cysts Cerebral white-matter radial migration lines Gingival fibromas Nonrenal hamartoma Retinal achromic patch "Confetti" skin lesions Multiple renal cysts Note.