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Synonyms for achromaticity

the visual property of being without chromatic color

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(28) Four achromatic automotive basecoats, namely metallic black, metallic gray, and metallic silver, as well as a solid white paint expected to have different optical properties were selected to prepare three individual attribute scales (i.e., specular gloss, DOI, and OP) at these four levels of achromaticity. All samples were prepared using phosphated, electrocoated, and primered 20 x 10 [cm.sup.2] steel substrates at the Iran Khodro car manufacturing company (Iran).
SF/PNIPAAm composite hydrogel yielded transparence and achromaticity (Figure 1(a)) below the LCST of PNIPAAm due to the additional PNIPAAm which interacts with SF and restrain SF aggregation and transition into cross-sheet dominated heterogeneous complex.
Forth, although cataract surgery dramatically changes chromatic coordinates for achromaticity (Delahunt et al., 2004), most of this change disappear after some months.
Achromaticity would heighten similarities and flatten differences.
The investigation results show almost linear shift towards the area of achromaticity for handsheets made from the fibers before and after flotation with the increasing time of print ageing.