achromatic color

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Together with black, gray, and silver, the achromatic colors continue to be the most prominent.
Back then, indigenous subjects were avoided, but instead of evading the idea, Hwang explored the formativeness of oxen through achromatic colors.
But the art nouveau pattern in achromatic colors gives it a contemporary look with a twist.
Allen Brown, advanced development and mastering manager in the Color and Material Design group of Ford Motor Company, agrees that, while there will always be niche colors for special applications, overall there seems to be a balancing of colors to round out a complete selection, with a shift away from achromatic colors to a more sophisticated, balanced palette.
Achromatic colors such as silver, black, gray, and white still dominate automotive markets in North and South America and Europe.
These are achromatic colors. While the development of such colors requires careful laboratory work, the raw materials to use are relatively simple to choose.
Ninety-eight college students were asked to indicate their emotional responses to five principle hues (i.e., red, yellow, green, blue, purple), five intermediate hues (i.e., yellow-red, green-yellow, blue-green, purple-blue, and red-purple), and three achromatic colors (white, gray, and black) and the reasons for their choices.
Black and white account for nearly 20 percent, so that achromatic colors make up about 60 percent of the sector.