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having no hue


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Additionally, achromatic differences (overall % reflectance) exceed threshold for notable differences in both settings, but even more so in shaded environments, suggesting that misidentification should be even less likely when under forest cover.
An achromatic lens and advanced iris gives a sharp-edged and uniform spot.
In 1824 the world's largest achromatic telescope of that time was installed and Friedrich von Struve started further observations from Tartu.
Take a look at the way the bark's corky ridges create crisp areas of light and shadow evocative of those sharp, achromatic photographs of the lunar landscape.
A large aperture achromatic doublet like the instrument employed by Greenacre and Barr is remarkably ill-suited for assessing any 'delicate' colour phenomena.
Achromatic colors such as silver, black, gray, and white still dominate automotive markets in North and South America and Europe.
But I also wonder what influence this kind of source might have had on his tropism toward a monochromatic or indeed achromatic palette.
Kwahule's mediated familiarity with a white America, in sum, served him as a sort of achromatic "looking glass" revealing a creolized future of humanity, of world-totality.
The microscope has a trinocular 30[degrees] inclined heads, an additional tube for mounting a built-in CCD camera, wide field eyepieces WF10X/20mm, quadruple nosepiece, Achromatic Super Contrast (ASC) objectives 4X, 10X, 40X S, 100X S-Oil.
The new additions to BASF's Glacier effect pigments range address the market requirements for attractive white and neutral achromatic shades with effects from soft to sparkling, according to Maria Giannobile, marketing manager, Pigments & Colorants, North America.
Implied in this bimodal distribution is the ineffectiveness of energy in the 500 nm region, which provides little contribution to luminance--or the achromatic channel of brightness perception--and requires significantly more energy than a shorter wavelength primary to result in a color match.
The identity cues can be achromatic, simple text messages or colourful, dynamic figures with facial expressions and gestures like Disney's cartoon characters.
Therefore stimulation of the cones is reduced while rods become more sensitive to the increasingly achromatic conditions.
is used to working with small parts, but its latest iteration of submillimeter achromatic lenses takes tiny to the extreme.