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DISCUSSION: Since achondroplastic patient presents with different physical characteristics, these influence the choice of anaesthetic procedures and complications.
Anesthesia for cesarean delivery in an achondroplastic dwarf: a case report.
Objective: To describe the anesthesia management in an achondroplastic patient scheduled for C-section under combined spinal-epidural anesthesia.
Morrow MJ, Black HL Epidural anaesthesia for caesarean section in an achondroplastic dwarf.
He could have envisaged the achondroplastic man as representing Pygmalion and the convulsive figure as (an albeit distinctively Baconic) Galatea: if so, again he possibly considered the allusion to the Greek myth as too specific, too illustrational.
An achondroplastic dwarf, John Wolin faced daily challenges, not the least of which was an eventual curving of his spine.
By focusing on the experiences of four women, all achondroplastic dwarfs, this paper addresses the particularity of their socio-spatial experiences as 'dwarf-women'.
The ability of the muscles to increase their length while the bone growth retards and then stops demonstrates that there is some advantage in performing limb lengthening in achondroplastic children.
She said Ms Loveridge - a 3ft 6in achondroplastic dwarf - often fell asleep while watching television or listening to music.
Anesthesia for an achondroplastic dwarf with bilateral vocal cord granuloma: Use of a Xomed Hunsaker Mon-Jet ventilation tube.
Best described this way--a beautiful, inflated achondroplastic dwarf.