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a stony meteor lacking chondrules

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Looking at other faces he would have recognized it as a type of meteorite called an achondrite, Randy Korotev, WUSTL's meteorite expert said.
A few meteorites, the achondrites, contain only traces of nickel iron and therefore will not attract a magnet or feel unusually heavy.
Stones are further subdivided into chondrites and achondrites.
Known as basaltic achondrites, the group accounts for only 6 percent of terrestrial meteorites.
Spectra of this rock, the third largest asteroid, have revealed that it is the only known parent of a class of meteorites called basaltic achondrites.
Last year he and graduate student Shui Xu turned up the missing links between the large basalt-covered asteroid 4 Vesta and a group of unusual falls called basaltic achondrites.
Ground-based observations indicate that Vesta represents the only known parent of a class of stony meteorites called basaltic achondrites.
Consider the meteorite class called basaltic achondrites, which make up about 6 percent of all meteorites recovered on Earth and which formed from once-molten material that originated on or under the surface of a small body.