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a condition in which little or no bile is secreted or the flow of bile into the digestive tract is obstructed


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In most of the previously known patients, severe hypoplasia or aplasia of the gall bladder and biliary atresia with acholia were the main features and the Kasai procedure was successfully carried out in one of these patients (2,10,12,13,14).
** Signs--normal physical examination, abnormal pulmonary auscultation, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, jaundice, choluria, acholia, exanthema or purpuric rash, lymphadenopathies, neurological disturbances, meningeal signs, psychiatric disturbances.
(Actually, it wasn't broadcast simultaneously everywhere; different parts of the world received it at different times, even on different days, because of marketing considerations.) ALOHA ta1= halloa ALOHA ta2 = acholia, gasahol, halloas HAWAII ta2 = waribashi