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Synonyms for aching

Synonyms for aching

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for aching

causing a dull and steady pain


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We're introduced to PC Topping through a long and achingly sarcastic letter from Sergeant Laurence Everill, who delights in handing over such a tedious crime to his old school friend Topping.
The standout songs are the achingly vulnerable Paper Heart and the gorgeous title track, both of which stand up there with Emmett Tinley's classic Prayer Boat sessions.
Out goes the achingly beautiful DPS for the local gym, in comes the hard-working campaigns for bouillon cubes and telecom thrifty packages.
As with all the Adrian Mole books, this is laugh-outloud funny, yet achingly poignant.
An exceptional pitching talent, Sugar lands a spot with a team in Bridgetown, Iowa and ends up in a farmhouse with a host family, adapting to the Bible Belt milieu with achingly endearing coming-of-age missteps.
Reed's downtempo stuff, such as It's Easier and (Am I Just) Fooling Myself, is achingly sincere and highly impressive.
Beautiful trade mark Wilson harmonies and lyrics that are so achingly personal it's just breathtaking.
As this violence removed the layers, something emerged which was richer and more interesting than anything I could have contrived to put there." Her intuitive paintings reflect "waking dreams" - haunting, achingly familiar images evoking that which can be felt but never spoken.
And while viewers new to this collection might find Richard Gere's achingly earnest introduction to be a bit dated, the music and the videos--the reissue is being released as a twin CDDVD pack--remain fresh, vital, and exciting.
A standout was the live, achingly poetic recital that Althea Thauberger coaxed from a choir of soldiers' wives left behind at a local army base (Murphy Canyon Choir).
The Longest Yard is undemanding and achingly predictable but plays to its limited strengths, including bone-crunching action sequences.
Ruby's achingly honest story is full of snappy dialog and asides, which are footnotes in the printed version.
Vogue is a name known world over for its high-class models, frightening fashionistas and most of all, its achingly avant garde styles.
Even without props he was achingly funny, silencing all those knockers in the press who have never seen him live.