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any plant of the genus Achimenes having showy bell-shaped flowers that resemble gloxinias

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Their friendship grew and later she gave my mother some tubercles of achimenes. More than 50 years later they remain friends and I now grow the achimenes for my mother every spring.
Achimenes originated in central America and some Caribbean islands.
1Pot up a few achimenes or hot water plant roots in an open compost with extra perlite.
I HAVE some tubers of Achimenes. What do I do with them?
ADRIENNE SAYS: Achimenes love warm growing conditions and do best when watered with lukewarm water.
Achimenes are attractive plants related to St Paulia or African Violets.
Although their leaves resemble those of primroses, streptocarpus - their correct name - are, in fact, related to African violets and achimenes, the hot water plant.
NOW'S the time to start tubers of achimenes, the hot water plant.
Crece en areas abiertas cerca de los cauces de arroyos, en bosque mesofilo de montana, donde convive con Achimenes antirrhina (DC.) C.V.
ALLOW pots of gloxinias, tuberous begonias and achimenes to dry out so the foliage can continue to die back for the winter rest period.
Especies abundantes con comportamiento rupicola son Achimenes heterophylla, Elaphoglossum sartorii, Encyclia spatella, Nephrolepis undulada, Oxalis alpina, Pitcairnia karwinskyana, Sedum jaliscanum y Valeriana sorbifolia.
Entre las rupicolas podemos mencionar a Achimenes longiflora y Aulosepalum nelsonii.
The rhizomes of Achimenes are strange and scaly, but they produce stunning blooms.
Achimenes grandiflora has larger flowers up to 2in which start as neat tubes but open out to become more pansy-like in shape.
POT some hot-water plants (Achimenes), plant five to a 5in (13cm) pot about 2.5cm (lin) deep.