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any of several plants of the genus Achillea native to Europe and having small white flowers in flat-topped flower heads

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Then mix plate-like heads of yarrow such as Achillea Walther Funke with globes, plumes, spikes and daisies alongside airy see-through grasses.
Surround yourself with lilies, achillea, solidago and heleniums in fiery shades of red and yellow Pictures: GAP/CLIVE NICHOLS/GARDEN PICTURE LIBRARY/MARSHALLS
Birds such as sparrows, bullfinches, goldfinches, tits and greenfinches love the oil-rich seeds of many garden plants, so are always pleased to see teasels, asters, filipendula and achillea.
Plants such as Rheum Palmatum will break up a border and given it added interest; Mixed pokers (top) and achillea (above)
A yellow-flowered yarrow, Achillea ``Moonshine,'' and a purple verbena ground cover are growing in parallel rows outside the Penstemon.
Brenzel's favorite plants for attracting beneficial insects - such as parasitic wasps, lace wings and hover flies - are: common fennel, of lacy leaves and anise fragrance; rue, the finely cut, if foul-scented, blue-leafed herb; cosmos, the frilly leafed, somewhat gangly annual with white, pink and mauve petaled daisy flowers; coreopsis, the yellow-orange petaled daisy; achillea, better known as yarrow; nemophila or baby blue eyes, suitable for bright shade; Lychnis coronaria, a drought-tolerant, gray-leafed plant with brilliant contrasting blooms in red or pink; Agrostemma, or corn cockle, an ornamental weed with purple-spotted, magenta-pink petals.
Related to the wild flower yarrow, the garden versions of achillea come in many different cultivars with flowers varying from white through cream, yellow and pale pink to a dark red.
A successful partnership is Echinacea Arts Pride, echinacea Yellow Mellow and Achillea Terracotta.
TODAY you have the chance to buy 12 Achillea millefolium for just pounds 6.
And plants that hold on to their seeds, such as achillea and buddleja, can feed birds, protect their roots and continue to look attractive.
The sun plants she favors are lavender, achillea and penstemon.
The plant material consisted of an ethanolic extract from Achillea millefolium L.
Our selection includes Achillea, also known as yarrow, Aquilegia (columbine) and Digitalis (foxglove).
These include achillea, potentilla, red hot pokers (Kniphofia), bergenia, penstemon, geranium, zantedeschia and crocosmia.
A IT'S Yarrow achillea, which is notoriously difficult to control, particularly if it's growing among herbaceous plants.