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any of several plants of the genus Achillea native to Europe and having small white flowers in flat-topped flower heads

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In present study some selected 8 dominant plant species of Asteraceae family (Achillea welhemsii C.Koch, Acroptilon repens (L.) Hidalgo, Carthamus oxycantha M.
All Achillea are very popular with bees and butterflies.
Achillea fragrantissima, family Asteraceae, is a common plant in the Mediterranean region and easily found growing in fields and on roadsides.
Into the end of one of my borders will go Geum 'Princes Juliana', Iris pseudacorus 'Variegata', Achillea 'Fanal' and Rheum palmatum 'Ace of Hearts' to join some of the other hot-coloured flowers already in the border.
The same qualities characterize the eighty-nine-year-old author's previous attempt at adult fiction, the semiautobiographical 2011 hit I arravoniastikia tou Achillea (Achilles' fiancee), based on Zei's own tumultuous sojourn to find her exiled husband during Greece's civil war years.
Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz a signe pour le gouvernement soudanais tandis que le ministre de l' Energy Ricardo Achillea signe pour le Bresil.
Effect of herbal medicine Achillea millefolium on plasma nitrite and nitrate levels in patients with chronic kidney disease: a preliminary study.
The leaves of this plant are without petiole, covered with long and shaggy, and divided into very Achillea cuts.
Or crocosmia Lucifer with sword like leaves and burnt orange montbretia flowers, with achillea Moonshine, a lemon flowered silver leaved yarrow.
They include palm tree, willow, acacia, lotus tree, African rue, Achillea fragrantissima, wormwood tree, grass and cactus besides many other pastoral trees and bushes, the Saudi Press Agency reported.
Keywords; Achillea millefolium Phenolic derivatives Anti-inflammatory activity Vascular cells
Following an introduction to the definition and care of these hardy plants, and types of rock gardens, Grey-Wilson presents an illustrated directory of good candidates from Achillea to Zigadenus fremontii (even a few clematis species).