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Synonyms for achiever

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Table 3 indicates high achievers of control and experimental groups had no significant difference between their mean scores on previous test as calculated value of t was 0.081 with p>0.05.
Marks obtained from both types of questions were evaluated and the results were compared among 20 high and 20 low achievers.
Every day as he goes to work in the Westminster chamber, he is accosted by low achievers.
The woman behind the book, Meraj Rizvi, managing editor, Xponent Media, said Emirati Women Achievers project took more than six months to complete.
Every year, prestigious national and international organizations in the country recognize outstanding achievers from varied backgrounds, profiles, and expertise.
Critique: An exceptionally well written, organized and presented instruction guide for reconciling matrimonial differences between spouses (and between men and women engaged in any deeply personal and emotional relationship), "The Love Fight: How Achievers & Connectors Can Build A Marriage That Lasts" is thoroughly 'reader friendly' from beginning to end and will prove to be an invaluable and popular addition to community library Self-Help/Self-Improvement collections.
Finally, since many schools have relatively few gifted students in a grade, the remaining seats are offered to non-gifted students who scored the highest on the previous year's state-wide achievement tests (known as "high achievers").
Early achievers: Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.
The results are a reminder that investment in quality education is fundamental for Europe's future." In Maths, there was no progress in improving the percentage of low achievers at EU level since 2009.
Tsumeb Young Achievers said it would like to extend its gratitude to all its stakeholders within the Tsumeb community and to specially thank businessman Mr Nico Kaiyamo for investing in the Tsumeb youth.
Both boys and girls of high achievers' group have significant differences on social competence with low achievers' group.
The present study was designed to investigate the differences in perceived paternal acceptance-rejection and locus of control of male high achievers and low achievers in Karachi.
The report finds differences among "high achievers" and other small business owners surveyed.
The study explored the achievement goals and perceived competence in high, average and low academic achievers; and investigated the relationship between the achievement (grade point average, GPA) and achievement goals.
Sponsored by McCormicks solicitors, the Yorkshire Young Achievers Foundation has raised more than pounds 900,000 for youngsters.
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