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the state of being achievable

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The table shows that Achievability and Importance have the highest weight of 0.
The experts were asked to answer two questions for each strategy in terms of relative achievability and effectiveness based upon their knowledge/experience for the subject and the perceived resources and constraints in the environment.
However, the current economic climate [means there] are inherent risks surrounding the achievability of the group's forecast sales and margins and the timing of cashflows.
The Agency intends to monitor closely both the progress towards meeting the targets, and the achievability of the 2012 targets.
In fact, in a symbiotic partner relationship, a partner that listens and understands the value a product can deliver to the market can become part of the achievability assessment, helping the right product reach the right market at the right time.
Strong advocates for the use of long-term strategies to establish visions, values, and transforming behavior, the authors nevertheless demonstrate the practical tenet that makes this book valuable: "Political achievability, nonetheless, must be considered a resource in order to secure both the vision of environmental change and its reality .
Our analyses of six ongoing space programs found that original cost estimates were particularly unrealistic about the promise of savings from increased contractor program management responsibilities, the constancy and availability of the industrial base, savings that could be accrued from heritage systems, the amount of weight growth that would occur during a program, the availability of mature technology, the stability of funding, the stability of requirements, and the achievability of planned schedules.
Professor Vego's critique also takes serious issue with the achievability of the kind of metrics foreseen in the effects-based assessment process; this is an area of particular interest in my research as well.
The thing to do now is grade the things you want to change according to importance, achievability and timescale.
The amount of the warrant is dependent on the projections and subjective assessment by the mezzanine provider as to the achievability of projections.
Achievability can be missing, also, if the objective depends on something outside the performer's control, in which case it also fails as a beacon.
If you don't, your plan will lack achievability, and you will get lost along the way.
That achievability has been demonstrated by the situation in the south-west of Western Australia where, since the Dwellingup fire disaster of 1962, fire management strategies based on widespread prescribed burning programs have managed to prevent any further major disasters.
They're about ideas and plans that ultimately convey vision and achievability to the reviewer.