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the state of being achievable

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All USGBC members are eligible to submit pilot credits for consideration; pilot credits are evaluated based on applicability to the goals of LEED, relative impact compared to other LEED credits or pilot credits, technical rigor and achievability.
The QMS Leader and Workforce Development Program is based on three key attributes: simplicity, relevance and value added, and achievability and sustainability.
He said litter was not the fault of products, but human behaviour, and that he wants to work with industry on an assessment of the achievability of recycling targets and PRN reform.
EPA's McCabe Defends Ozone Proposal from Criticism about Cost, Achievability," BNA Daily Environmental Report, June 12, 2015.
Anthem said that it confident in its ability to complete any financing related to the acquisition, as well as in the achievability of synergies and is committed to retaining investment grade debt ratings.
Moody's decision to downgrade Japan's sovereign rating was informed by three key factors: heightened uncertainty over the achievability of the government's fiscal deficit reduction goals; uncertainty over the timing and effectiveness of growth-enhancing policy measures, against a backdrop of deflationary pressures; and increased risk of rising Japanese Government Bond (JGB) yields and reduced debt affordability over the medium term.
The determination, recurrence and continuation of calibration training will determine the extent of achievability.
Education Perfect has produced a formidable tome of science review questions that cater for a variety of students, and has achievability and success at its heart.
Misgivings remained strong on issues such as the future currency (pound or euro) and the achievability of membership in the European Union.
FOR achievability the EMRR can be broken down into sections.
Right to health and achievability to various medicines which is considered in the second generation of human rights is classified in cultural, social and economic collection.
He then examines seven factors influencing workplace behavior: clarity within the organization on desirable and undesirable behavior; role-modeling by management; achievability of goals, tasks, and responsibilities; commitment by directors, managers, and employees; transparency of behavior; openness to discussion; and enforcement, using both positive and punitive tactics, of the behavior standards.
Indeed, decades of relentless intervention have shifted the terms of debate, with recent operations justified by their achievability rather than their merit.
Another advantage is that patients and physicians "will feel more comfortable with these goals," both in their achievability and by producing fewer adverse events," she said in an interview.