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the state of being achievable

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But, achievability (however measured) depends on a host of additional factors, especially those related to the integration of parent companies' corporate cultures.
Accordingly, we are not in a position to express any opinion on the aforementioned statements and do not express any opinion on them or the achievability of the results shown therein.
The book's avowed aim is to contribute to the process of reform, but it provides little information on the status or achievability of the many recommendations it makes.
Specifically, the FTC suggested that the code be amended to allow accountants to accept contingent fees and commissions, to pay for referrals to use trade names, to vouch for the achievability of forecasts and to engage in unrestricted advertising.
Others who were not so optimistic about the achievability of statehood believed that confederation before the conclusion of the talks would interject a forceful Jordan into the peace negotiations.(31)
Ready achievability, as related to the age of buildings, is evident when comparing two properties managed by Tishman Speyer, Chicago: 55 E.
MHP was not a guarantor of the financial statements and did not vouch for the achievability of any forecast of future results.
The regulations define readily achievable measures as those that the "easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense." Factors to be considered in determining achievability include: "the nature and cost of the action the overall financial resources of the [entity]; the effect on expenses and resources; legistimate safety requirements necessary for safe operation, including crime prevention measures."
Obviously, it will be important for industrial sources to pay attention to EPA's implementation of the air toxics provisions and, where appropriate, provide input to EPA on such issues as appropriate definitions of categories of air toxic sources and technical achievability and cost of MACT controls.
He also questions the achievability of the company's "bullish" long-term guidance as he expects macroeconomic pressure and competitive headwinds to intensify.
Colne Valley MP Thelma Walker applauded Kirklees Council for planning ahead but added: "I am yet to see any detail of this plan and I have reservations about its achievability.
New York: The passage of a tax reform bill by the United States Senate last weekend puts an end to any lingering uncertainty about the achievability of tax reform and points to a joint tax cut bill passing Congress before the end of the year, says Fitch Ratings.
We draw this conclusion based on the DOF upper bound and achievability. To begin with, the upper bound is derived based on cut-set bound by allowing user cooperation.
In fact, according to Mr Qureshi, the PTI position on the non achievability of macroeconomic targets given the lack of any growth and investment initiatives in the budget has also been vindicated since even the IMF has made the same objection.