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marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for achy

causing a dull and steady pain


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"As part of my recent trip to USA and our commitment to promote healthcare system in Northern Bahr El Ghazal (NBG), the Government of Northern Bahr El Ghazal (NBG), state ministry of health (SMOH) wishes to notify you that Mr Achier Adup Mou (known in North America as Achier Mou) has been appointed to exercise any functions of the principal of Aweil national nursing and midwifery institute," the minister said in a statement.
She should leave the young ones like Achol Achier to takeover if she is not willing to support the president", Awan reportedly said at a meeting before convening a Bahr el Ghazal regional conference.
The new faces include: Tong Deng Anei - Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Kon Elbert Deng Chan - Minister of Education Ernest Mangok Mangok - Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Lino Adub Achier - Minister of Local Government Mrs.
Lino Adup Achier, chairperson of the state's peace commission, told Sudan Tribune on Monday from Aweil town that his administration hopes to use the conference as a forum to establish positive social and friendly contacts in order to chart way forward between the two sides.
The arrested officials include Lieutenant Colonel Garang Joong Akoon, Angelo Machar Akec, Mario Angui Lual, Akol Mayendit, Achuen Rou, Adup Achier, Agiu Garang, Wieu Garang and Reverend Moses Aguer Bol Deng Dau.
He named Reverend Moses Aguer Bol, Akol Mayendit, Simon Wieu Garang, Mario Angui Lual, Achuen Arol, Agiu Garang, Lieutenant Colonel Garang Joong Akoon, Adup Achier (Payam Administrator), as also being arrested.
Achier Deng Akol, one of the five members of the Juba based Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau said in a separate interview with Sudan Tribune from Juba that the commission was on the right track to conduct the exercise.
"The south Sudan referendum bureau would like to assure that the decision to extend the voter registration process was a decision taken by the referendum commission after holding discussion with all its members and was for technical reasons," Achier Deng, South Sudan Referendum Bureau (SSRB) Commissioner for Operations told a press conference in Juba, the South Sudan capital.
We encourage this kind of spirit and urge those who have not yet registered to do so within the remaining days," Achier Deng, SSRB's Commissioner for operations told journalists Tuesday.
Achier Deng, SSRB's Commissioner for operations (L) flanked by Samuel Maccar, his counterpart for public outreach addressing the media in Juba on November 19, 2010 (ST)
SSRB Commissioner for Operations, Achier Deng (L) and Samuel Maccar, who handles public outreach addressing the media in Juba on the status of the ongoing registration process for south Sudan's referendum, Nov,19, 2010 (ST)
Achier Deng Akol was here yesterday and we discussed a lot of issues with him including the need to speed selection and appointment of support staff members," said Kuot.
Achier Deng, a member of South Sudan Referendum Bureau told Sudan Tribune, that registration will take 17 days beginning on 14 November and ending 4 December.
Achier Deng Akol, a member of the Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau (SSRB) based in Juba called on all civil society organizations in the country and in the Diaspora to take the leading role in the referendum awareness campaign.