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Synonyms for achy

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for achy

causing a dull and steady pain


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"This year is an important milestone for us," said George "Butch" Achey, President at Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry.
He added: "I was in agony yesterday with my COPD and I am a bit stiff and achey but I am OK.
My back is a tiny bit achey and I need to not put so much in my bag."
Bridesmaids were Margaret Rose Achey; Sarah Park Douglass; Claire Varner Ellison; Grace Anne Jackson; Rebecca Lourene Johnson; Mary Love Fair Koons, sister of the bridegroom; Hayden Alexander Oliver Lewis; Elizabeth Fair McIntosh, sister of the bridegroom; Laura Elizabeth Rutledge; Daria Katherina Schwartz; Maryanna Eckles Story; Rose Ellington Turner; Mary Lant Cotten Watson; and Sarah Caitlin Wheat.
I like your golden locks of wavy hair the most-lambey baal zaada achey lgtey hen [long hair look good on you].
"He's never played this many consecutive games and at the moment it's a real hard shift for him - you do get tired, a bit achey and you feel like you need to sleep all the time.
I also really liked the design of the handle, with its non-slip grip, and it's so much lighter than my usual drier (without sacrificing on power), so I didn't have to keep swapping hands to avoid achey arm muscles.
PAINFUL AND ACHEY FEET "ONE of the most common types of foot pain is a condition called plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of tissue under your heel.
of looking to the decisions of the Delaware courts involving corporation law, as the Kansas Corporation Code was modeled after the Delaware code." (91) Additionally, in Achey v.
In its judgment on October 31, a division bench of justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Mukta Gupta overturned a trial court order which had given life term to one Achey Lal for raping the woman while he was in inebriated state, resulting in her death.
PENNSYLVANIA--Thomas Achey, Tim Barttrum, Andre Coleman, Julie Coleman, Community Education Centers, Dan Conn, Juanita Gotshall, Michael Hanna, John Hanner, Vincent McFadden, James Neighbors, Wendelyn Pekich, Theodore Robinson, Jayne Shale, Austin Skoglund, Andrea Stewart
Fever – If you are running a fever, feel a bit shivery or achey, the immune system is fighting an infection or virus, so avoid exercise.
She'd use it to soothe an achey hip and you'd always know when she'd slathered some on, thanks to the distinctive fragrance.