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Synonyms for achy

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for achy

causing a dull and steady pain


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When considering the merger opportunity, Achey saw BTP's business model as compelling, specifically citing the company's high degree of organization and well-documented procedures.
From the MLC of Achey Lal and the postmortem of the deceased it is evident that both Achey Lal and deceased had consumed alcohol.
PENNSYLVANIA--Thomas Achey, Tim Barttrum, Andre Coleman, Julie Coleman, Community Education Centers, Dan Conn, Juanita Gotshall, Michael Hanna, John Hanner, Vincent McFadden, James Neighbors, Wendelyn Pekich, Theodore Robinson, Jayne Shale, Austin Skoglund, Andrea Stewart
Fever – If you are running a fever, feel a bit shivery or achey, the immune system is fighting an infection or virus, so avoid exercise.
She'd use it to soothe an achey hip and you'd always know when she'd slathered some on, thanks to the distinctive fragrance.
Also, you might just be achey and slightly moody, which happens to kids all the time.
CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL +1 410 228 3000 the world's largest manufacturer of metal belting and wire cloth, is proud to announce and welcome Catherine Achey as the company's Communications Manager.
Ordenamiento, comentarios y notas de James Strachey con la colaboracion de Anna Freud, asistidos por Alix Str achey y Alan Tyson.
I guess I'll find out more when I lay down in bed how achey and I sore I am.
One team is composed of seasoned players; athletes who have been in the game for years, have the experience, but their joints and muscles seem a little achey.
Particular washing powder is being sold to parents in the name of encouraging their child to learn more: 'dagh tu achey hote hein.
When the US bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms wanted to break the spirit of the Branch Davidian defenders at the siege of Waco, they boomed out the track My Achey Breakey Heart continuously.
Too often grocers are no longer thinking about photo because it is not their core business," says Darla Achey, marketing communications specialist for Irvine, Calif.
Another hot trend is photo merchandise: people are becoming more graphic-savvy and are creating photos with frames, photo postcards, calendars, holiday cards and more," says Darla Achey, marketing specialist for the photo imaging division of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America.