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Synonyms for achy

marked by, causing, or experiencing physical pain

Synonyms for achy

causing a dull and steady pain


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MOP-TOPPED crooner Paddy Casey sips a medicinal glass of Guinness in a Scottish bar, nursing an achey head.
1) Brands & Packaged Foods - In an in-depth (12,900 words) Analyst Roundtable, Herb Achey, Senior Equity Analyst with the U.
There are no miracles, you will feel achey but it's worth the great results.
So now you can say goodbye to blisters and achey soles.
Q I HAVE an achey pain inside my left ear which I think I might have caused with a cotton bud.
It's toned up my legs and at first I was a bit achey but that wears off after a good bath.
If you take all the sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, achey joints, hyperactivity, Crohn's disease and urticaria, a third of those patients might feel better off not eating wheat and one other food - wheat intolerants are very often also allergic to something else as well.
Our Saturday afternoon two-hour session was long enough - it's quite hard work and I definitely had achey legs afterwards.
Men must have achey arms and sore eyeballs, they spend so long man-handling the firs and looking heavenward, as half-anhour later, it's back to the second fir on the right because it had the nicest branches round the back.
No doubt they were a little achey and green around the gills, but their feat is fantastic.
Saturn is all about bones and Gemini about mobility, so if you need a bit of help with stiff joints or achey bones, get it.
IF the long, cold winter is beginning to get to you and you're feeling sluggish and achey, then what you need is a blast of healthy deep heat.
Achey highlights Quaker Oats (NYSE:OAT), "I would use as the gold standard Quaker Oats, a company that continues to restructure their costs through continuously improving on how they sell product.