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Synonyms for ache


ache for something or someone


  • long for
  • want
  • desire
  • hope for
  • dream of
  • pine
  • covet
  • wish for
  • yearn for
  • lust for
  • thirst for
  • hunger for
  • crave for
  • hanker for
  • itch for
  • set your heart on
  • eat your heart out over

Synonyms for ache

to have or cause a feeling of physical pain or discomfort

to experience or express compassion

to have a strong longing for

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

Synonyms for ache

feel physical pain

have a desire for something or someone who is not present

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Having researched her aches and pains, she learned New Zealand green-lipped mussels contain an oil that helps ageing joints, but she didn't know how to source it - until now.
The deduced structure of AChE of Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), suggests that it contains all conserved sequence motifs including a choline binding site, an acyl pocket and the catalytic triad (Kim et al., 2012; Lu et al., 2012).
* Massage can help with headache or body ache. Just rubbing your child's head or back can really make them feel better.
acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and butyrylcholinesterase (BChE), can be specifically distinguished based on the substrate (Radic et al., 1991).
Lastly, there have been some very small studies using CoQ10 vitamins to treat muscle aches. This was used in patients who already had established muscle ache on statins.
aches can induce expression of antimicrobial peptides and proinflammatory cytokines and has an effect on toll-like receptor 2, leading to increased synthesis of cvtokines.
The one thing to know is that aches and pains that interfere with your function are not "normal aging." If you are suffering joint aches and pains, discuss them with your doctor to determine if arthritis is the cause.
aches compared with a 22% decrease in the vehicle plus doxycycline group.
The stomach aches are caused by a change in the way the gastrointestinal system functions.
OBJECTIVE: To test the hypothesis that prevalence of women with menopausal symptoms of hot flushes; aches, joint pain, and stiffness; depressed mood; poor sleep; decreased libido; or vaginal dryness increases with progression through the menopausal transition.
After those initial sessions, which body parts develop aches or soreness?
Kellogg's said its research showed 'stomach aches' were the main reason for children missing school.
Gradually build up your time and distance as your fitness improves, but if the aches and pains continue, see your GP for his advice before continuing your outdoors programme.