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small dry indehiscent fruit with the seed distinct from the fruit wall

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a fleshy edible appendage of the achene serving to attract dispersal vectors, constituting an adaptation for distribution of the seeds.
Nevertheless, after that admission, all of the disseminules/diaspores in the arrangement (whether aril, achene, or true seed) are collectively called "seeds.
each fertile anthocarp contains one achene and each achene contains one seed.
1994) with pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium) who reported that application of 100 kg P/ha significantly increased achenes and pyrethrin yield for this crop (Salardini et al.
Likewise, the achenes used in the karyological study were from wild inflorescences.
Treatments included nine pretreatment temperatures, two achene sources (SB or WH), and two germination substrates (blotter paper or sand) (Table 1).
As noted elsewhere in this review, the achenes of Cannabis are usually referred to as seeds.
2], (2) number of anthodium per generative shoot and (3) number of ovules and achenes per anthodium.
In addition to the small and rarely seen flowers, an unusual structure of the achene provides an important taxonomic characteristic.
Its feces also contained large numbers of intact seeds of Kyllinga brevifolia, which is dry-fruited, but the defecated seeds lacked the membranous pericarp around the achene.
It would be nice if that strawberry were locally grown and in season, but even one of those giants from a factory farm can teach a student what an achene is, if not what a strawberry should really taste like.
Their argument is problematic focused as it is on one seed and achene of a single taxon.
For Cannabis, my own classification summarized below is based on the recurrent selective pressures (and associated gene selection) for stem fiber or narcotic content (between groups of domesticated plants) and for achene retention or shattering (between wild and cultivated plants).
Achene micro-morphology of Anthemis (Asteraceae) and its allies in Iran with emphasis on systematis.