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small dry indehiscent fruit with the seed distinct from the fruit wall

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The area under sunflower crop in 2011-12 was 877 thousand acres with 473 thousand tons achene yield [2].
Nevertheless, after that admission, all of the disseminules/diaspores in the arrangement (whether aril, achene, or true seed) are collectively called "seeds." The botanical terminology used in this paper is in accordance with that used in the seminal work on seed dispersal by Leendert van der Pijl (1969; a digitized version is currently available at fedr.19710810814/abstract).
MATERIALS AND METHODS--Abronia macrocarpa produces a dispersal unit, termed an anthocarp, which consists of a dry, papery, winged structure formed by the fusedcalyx base that encases the fruit proper, which is an achene. Achenes are dry, indehiscent, single-seeded fruits.
These results are similar to those of Salardini et al., (1994) with pyrethrum (Tanacetum cinerariifolium) who reported that application of 100 kg P/ha significantly increased achenes and pyrethrin yield for this crop (Salardini et al., 1994).They are also in agreement with the data of Nikolova et al., (1999) who showed P fertilization increased the essential oil concentration of chamomile (Nikolova et al., 1999) and with Nilbe et al., (2005) who observed increasing biomass of chamomile (Nilbe et al., 2005).
In this paper, the term "seeds" is used in a broad sense and includes achenes, nutlets, and samaras.
[PMID: 1777755] [3.] Piras MR, Magnano I, Canu ED, Paulus KS, Satta WM, Soddu A, Conti M, Achene A, Solinas G, Aiello I.
Achene appearance and size were generally uniform throughout the collection areas.
If the structure of genetic relationships among populations is correlated to achene morphology, we can statistically remove genetic distances when comparing morphology and environment.
Because these guidelines do not provide information for the analysis of cypsela dispersal structures, pure seeds were determined according to the definition of achene, once achenes are the closest dispersal elements to cypsela.
Similarly, from the seed lot of every plot, five samples, each of 1000 grains were randomly taken, recorded their weight and then mean 1000 achene weight was computed.
Several research results showed that the oil content of sunflower is higher in dry crop years (Sukkasem et al., 2013) and that higher temperature during the achene filling period also affects oil composition (Harris et al., 1978; Unger, 1980; Anastasi et al., 2000).
The rachilla is detectable only from the peg-like scar left after the achene falls, and the presence of the prophyll (Hooper, 1986).