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Synonyms for ache


ache for something or someone


  • long for
  • want
  • desire
  • hope for
  • dream of
  • pine
  • covet
  • wish for
  • yearn for
  • lust for
  • thirst for
  • hunger for
  • crave for
  • hanker for
  • itch for
  • set your heart on
  • eat your heart out over

Synonyms for ache

to have or cause a feeling of physical pain or discomfort

to experience or express compassion

to have a strong longing for

a sensation of physical discomfort occurring as the result of disease or injury

Synonyms for ache

feel physical pain

have a desire for something or someone who is not present

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Among the prenylated xanthones, garcinone C and [gamma]-mangostin were the most potent inhibitors of AChE and BChE, respectively with [IC.
pAChE-Luc and pAChEm-Luc consist of the human ACHE and mouse promoter sequences upstream of a firefly luciferase gene in pGL4.
As shown in Table 1, blood Tyr, Trp, DA, NA, A, 5HT, and AChE concentrations in group A of the PKU patients were not statistically different from controls, whereas in group B, plasma amino acids (except Phe), their biogenic amines, and AChE activities were significantly decreased.
At the very least, participation in courses offered by the ACPE and the ACHE will help, but even better is a master's degree in business administration, health administration, medical management or even another professional degree, in law or accounting, for example.
When carving up the experimental pie, Ache proposers perceived themselves as parceling out meat that they or a male member of their family had hunted, Hill proposes.
Cooper says that many kids or adults who are out of shape get pains in their side, or side aches.
To implement the strategic plan fully, ACHE had to coordinate its approach to reaching many audiences.
Children have complained about stomach aches for ages.
Fitch expects that Ache will continue to operate under a conservative strategy, seeking to manage competition from global players and the challenges related to the expansion of the generics segment.
Van Gorder was selected for the award based on the strength of his nomination and his active leadership role with ACHE, as well as his contributions and achievements in leadership and executive performance; health services and patient care delivery; professional development; management and organizational development; and health services activities.
It's a great opportunity to interact with our national ACHE leader and local health care executives and students.
ALMOST one in three people experiences back and neck pain after a night's sleep, while most feel stiff or ache, research suggests.
BALDWIN John Twenty-two years today Tears in our eyes can be wiped away, the ache in our hearts will always stay.
In the present study, Eliman's method was used to verify the inhibition of AChE activity of some isoquinolines alkaloids such as galanthamine, montanine, hippeastrine and pretazettine.
At the end of each treatment, mice were sacrificed by decapitation and brains were dissected out for MDA, Ache and MAO determinations.