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a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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Similarly to 14, the imaginary frequency of transition state 22 corresponds to the elongation of the C-H bond of the acetylenic proton.
Antihyperglycemic acetylenic glucosides from Bidens pilosa.
Topics addressed include bioactive macrocyclic peptides and peptide mimics, macrocycles by ring-closure metathesis, supramolecular macrocycle synthesis by H-bonding assembly, cucurbiturils, tetra-urea calixarenes, shape-persistent macrocycles based on acetylenic scaffolding, supramolecular 3D architectures by metal-directed assembly of synthetic macrocycles, new properties and reactions in self-assembly M6L4 coordination cages, anion-binding macrocycles, and rotaxane and catenane synthesis.
Once the optimum molecule was achieved, its performance in pigment concentrates with and without a resin was compared to other conventional dispersants such as a styrent acrylate copolymr, an acetylenic diol surfactant, and a styrene maleic anhydride comb polymer modified with a polyether.
To the extent that both components originate from the same source, acetylenic free radicals that generate polyaromatic structures in the flaming stage of combustion, one would expect similar [.
These include genes for the production of hydroxy fatty acids, found in castor oil and used in lubricants and inks; conjugated fatty acids from tung seeds; and acetylenic fatty acids found in another dandelion relative, Crepis alpina.
While examining the hydroformylation of acetylenic substituted thiazoles, Van den Hoven and Alper discovered the new reaction, which has several remarkable features.
12] Atractylodin, an acetylenic furan derivative present in high amounts in these extracts, may be a tyrosinase inhibitor.
Called linear acetylenic carbon, the new allotrope, or form, of the otherwise sooty element shows up as amber-colored, "gossamerlike" threads, whose texture resembles "angel hair," according to Richard J.
8,114,874 entitled, "Substituted Acetylenic Imidazo[1,2-B] Pyridazine Compounds as Kinase Inhibitors," which provides composition-of-matter patent protection through at least December 22, 2026 for ARIAD's investigational pan-BCR-ABL inhibitor, ponatinib.
METOLAT 775 and METOLAT 780 are high performance substrate wetting agents that are proving to be great cost effective alternatives to traditional acetylenic diol and alcohol alkoxylate wetting agents.
Acetylenic diols are the classic chemistry used for this performance, but other proprietary chemistries can be used to good effect.
The syntheses of high-yield carbon-rich materials as acetylenic precursors, in general, have received much attention [7].
Here we see comprehensive coverage of the cotrimerizations of acetylenic compounds and glycosylation on polymer supports along with a very helpful list of cumulative chapter titles by volume.
Acetylenic diols are nonionic, so this mechanism does not apply.