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a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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According to reports an acetylene cylinder caught fire while workers at the factory were welding a metal fence.
They were clever devices in which water dripped into a container of carbide and generated acetylene gas.
Eduardo Cayetano, chief of the investigation unit of the Marikina police station, said the suspects could be members of the so-called termite or acetylene gangs because of their modus operandi of digging underground to break into establishments.
This is the first time the company has pursued a gas manufacturing license expansion project outside of the US specifically targeting acetylene replacement.
A spokeswoman for Cleveland Fire Brigade said one acetylene gas cylinder was alight on arrival.
However due to acetylene gas being highly flammable crews were monitoring the potential for it to re-ignite over several hours and were only satis-fied it had been fully damped down by 8.
Key words: nitrification inhibition, encapsulated calcium carbide, acetylene, ethylene, nitrate leaching, denitrificationWhy nitrification inhibition Amongst the nutrients, nitrogen (N) is most limiting to growth and yield parameters of a crop.
Camp Dangwa, Benguet -- Cordillera police operatives announced yesterday the arrest of two suspected leaders of the Acetylene Gang who have pending arrest before different courts.
Hydrogen and oxygen are recombined at the very tip of the torch, creating a flame that is cooler and much easier to handle than commonly-used mixtures of oxygen with propane or acetylene.
Nairit used the butadiene technology in the 1970s, but in the 1990s it switched to the acetylene technology.
BASF will modernize and service its acetylene facility at the Ludwigshafen, Germany Verbund site.
50am yesterday after a fire broke out inside an outbuilding, which contained an acetylene gas cylinder.
AN exclusion zone was put around a Halifax industrial estate over fears about acetylene cylinders.
For the frequencies currently used for data transmission through optical fibres of around 1550GHz, acetylene gas has absorption lines at about the same part of the spectrum, and these can be used as the standards to calibrate individual lasers.
In addition to knocking down the fire, the firefighters were faced with another serious concern, four canisters of acetylene in the basement.