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a colorless flammable gas used chiefly in welding and in organic synthesis

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When officers discovered acetylene cylinders in the shed they set up a 200-metre exclusion zone as a safety precaution and 33 homes were evacuated.
It took them four hours to put out the fire but they were set to remain there for at least 24 hours to cool the acetylene cylinder with water.
A spokeswoman for Tayside Fire Brigade said: "There were believed to be five acetylene cylinders inside the warehouse."
Fire Brigade divisional officer Frank Watters said a hot acetylene cylinder could explode within 25 hours of being heated.
These can be explained only if acetylene is being produced 10 times faster in the troposphere than by the sunlight-driven breakdown of methane (CH4) higher up in the stratosphere.
ethylene and acetylene. For the most part, the amounts of these gases were measured as consistent with the formulations of the binders, however, the concentrations of H at the mold-metal interface (greaterthan 40%) were unexpectedly high, Scott said.
in Sunnyvale, Calif., are burning a mixture of acetylene gas and oxygen to create diamond films that can take advantage of diamond's unique properties to protect missile components, enhance computer power, and extend the life of surgical implants.
Lorenzo Holanday Jr., Marikina police chief, said that around five to six still unidentified members of the 'Termite or Acetylene Gang' broke into Capital Pawnshop located on Sumulong Highway.
The company said the client will test MagneGas2 in the Mexican market as a replacement to acetylene. The fuel for the test has already shipped and the test is expected to occur in the coming weeks.
BASF will modernize and service its acetylene facility at the Ludwigshafen, Germany Verbund site.
"The Braze-A-Gas range addresses their needs with portable oxygen and acetylene cylinders and flame torches that can provide a temperature of 3500[degrees]C, which is significantly hotter than Propane, Propylene and MAPP gases," says Ken Logan, managing director of A-Gas.
More than 60 people took refuge in a local community centre as more than a dozen firefighters used water jets to cool down oxy acetylene cylinders at the heart of a blaze in a workshop at allotments.