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receive substitution of an acetyl group

introduce an acetyl group into (a chemical compound)

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Histone acetylation and deacetylation play an important part in the nucleosome modifications process.
HATs can be separated into two groups: Type A located in the nucleus and acetylating histones, in the timing needed for transcriptional activation, and Type B located in the cytoplasm, responsible for histone acetylation during replication and before the chromatin's assemblage.
The use of trapoxin, an antitumor cyclic tetrapeptide, showed increased histone acetylation, and led to the identification of the protein responsible: the first histone deacetylase.
Contrary to acetylation, methylation marks can be multiple.
The acetylation of H3K9 and H3K14 prevents H3R8 methylation.
In addition, H4R3me2a facilitates the subsequent acetylation of the histones H3 and H4 [60-62].
Histone Acetylation. A line of evidence has established that histone acetylation is basically associated with gene activation [65, 66].
The enzymes that acetylate and deacetylate histones have been identified and suggest that histone acetylation is a rapid and reversible process [72].
It seemed to be doing this by preventing acetylation, causing certain "survival pathways" to remain switched on.
Keywords: Mass spectrometry, protein interactions, acetylation, labeling
In our modified approach, acetylation labeling mass spectrometry (ALMS), a slightly higher anhydride-to-protein ratio is used than previously reported.
Protein digests: Quenching acetylation.--Acetic anhydride (15 [micro]l) and n-butylamine (30 [micro]l) were combined in a plastic vial and allowed to react for 15 minutes.
Histone methylation, in contrast to acetylation, is more constant and long-standing [48].
In both in vitro and in vivo investigations related to diabetes, it has been demonstrated that histone lysine methylation and acetylation patterns changed, along with the recruitment of HATs/HDACs or HMTs at gene promoters [6, 48, 56, 57].
In a study using type 1 diabetic mice, renal CTGF and PAI-1 gene expressions were augmented by the activation of histone acetylation and HAT activity, as well as the enrichment of H3K9/14Ac and HAT p300/CBP at the promoters of CTGF and PAI-1 gene [64].