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the process of introducing an acetyl group into a compound

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In the fungus Neurospora crassa, Tamaru and Selker (2001) noticed that histone H3 methylation affects DNA methylation, and other studies revealed that in higher organisms, DNA methylation influences histone acetylation.
With HDAC2 activity reduced, histone acetylation resumed, allowing genes required for synaptic plasticity and other learning and memory processes to be expressed.
The team showed that acetylation of the protein Sip2 affected longevity defined in terms of how many times a yeast cell can divide, or "replicative life span.
4), (6) in their reports discriminated the patients developing SLE and DILE during the sulphasalazine treatment and indicated that the underlying mechanism is the slow acetylation.
Influence of microwave power on the acetylation of 1-butanol with acetic acid catalyzed by [H.
Presented here is a modification of previously reported lysine acetylation protocols.
Gyongyi Szabo, the doctors he works with, created a winning research project titled "Modulation of histone acetylation by alcohol in inflammation and liver disease.
Acetylation enhances the inhibitory effects of britannilactones on inflammatory gene expression induced by LPS/IFN-[gamma]
Three chemical impregnation processes were studied: phenol-formaldehyde (PF), tung oil (TO), and acetylation with acetic anhydride (AA).
Acetylation is one of the most important post-translational modification of proteins determining the structure, function and intracellular localization that plays an important role in the signal transduction pathways related to diverse cell functions, both during unstimulated and stress conditions.
It is produced by a wood acetylation process that modifies the wood to make it more stable and more impervious to moisture, fungi or insects.
Previously, inactivation of the oestrogen receptor has been shown to be mainly via DNA methylation or histone acetylation and in this type of oestrogen receptor-negative environment the only way of re-expressing the oestrogen receptor has been via DNA methylation inhibitors or histone deacetylation compounds.
to study patterns of histone tail acetylation and DNA methylation.