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Synonyms for acetylate

receive substitution of an acetyl group

introduce an acetyl group into (a chemical compound)

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While current methods rely on mutational analyses, the Arbely group will genetically encode the incorporation of acetylated lysine and directly measure the functional role of each acetylation site in cancerous and non-cancerous cell lines.
Dose-specific responses were observed after 72 hr exposure: With the use of both E2F1 and H3K9 acetylated antibodies, significantly elevated binding to the FOS promoter occurred specifically at the tolerated 0.
No obvious differences were observed in the morphology of the native and acetylated starch (Fig.
If portions of DNA remain closed when they shouldn't because histones are not acetylated properly, then genes can be effectively turned off when they shouldn't be with any number of detrimental effects.
The other treatment mentioned in interviews was acetylated wood.
Examples include carbamylated hemoglobin due to kidney disease, acetylated hemoglobin due to high aspirin use, and acetaldehyde-bound hemoglobin due to alcohol abuse.
DV Proteins can be modified in many ways: they can be phosphorylated, acetylated, methylated and of course glycosylated.
00 The Benefits of Using Acetylated Natural Fibres in Composites
The conclusion at this stage is that an alternative to the current oral and IV options may be found in the acetylated form of glutathione, and if further analysis and clinical experiences continue to support this as a valid clinical strategy, there will be many patients very pleased to have access to such a simple strategy to enhance GSH levels where required.
This substitution would not necessarily induce any change in Hb A charge except that N-terminal alanines are immediately acetylated to acetylalanines soon after translation (7, 8).
Citrate esters include triethylcitrate, acety-lated triethyl citrate, tributyl citrate, and acetylated tributyl citrate.
Each residue that is acetylated increases the protein's mass by 42 Da, easily discernable by modest mass spectrometers.
Different degrees of acetylated starch were prepared as described by Golachowski (2003), but with some modifications.
David Gladstone Institutes (San Francisco, CA) and Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (Heidelberg, Germany) have patented compositions, including immunogenic compositions, comprising acetylated Tat protein of an immunodeficiency virus.