acetic anhydride

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a compound that is needed in order to refine opium into heroin

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The Government of Afghanistan has reiterated there is no legitimate use for acetic anhydride in Afghanistan and, since last year, is taking measures to block all imports of the substance.
Acylation was achieved by pyridine-promoted reaction with acetic anhydride.
The drug precursors worth most for illicit drug manufacture are acetic anhydride for the production of heroin, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine for the production of methamphetamine-type drugs, and potassium permanganate for the production of cocaine," Ms Scharf-Kroener explained.
Several anhydrides have been tested, and we report here the use of acetic anhydride as a potential reagent for creating acetylated mass tags.
The two companies will produce 460, 000 metric tons of acetic acid, acetic anhydride and 330, 000 metric tons of vinyl acetate monomers.
Chemicals used in the manufacture of heroin - ammonium chloride, acetic anhydride, sodium chloride and calcium hydroxide - were also found in quantities sufficient for the production of heroin with an estimated end street value of more than Au50 million.
Three chemical impregnation processes were studied: phenol-formaldehyde (PF), tung oil (TO), and acetylation with acetic anhydride (AA).
It currently produces methanol and dimethyl ether (DME) and will produce methanol, acetic acid and acetic anhydride in its phase three expansion project.
The most important chemical, acetic anhydride, is used in many legal industries, including paints and pharmaceuticals, and much of the material that finds its way to Afghanistan is made by blue-chip companies in Europe, South Korea and Russia.
The final step was to add 100 [micro]L of acetic anhydride and allow the reaction to proceed for 6 min.
This will have a 460,000 t/y plant to produce acetic acid and 50,000 t/y of acetic anhydride, and a 300,000 t/y VAM plant.
Their general topics include high pressure NMR cells, the use of high pressure infrared spectroscopy to study catalytic mechanisms, processing spectroscopic data, carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid and methyl acetate to acetic anhydride, rhodium catalyzed hydroformylation, alkene/CO copolymerization, the use of spectroscopy in metallocene-based polymerization catalysis, and hydrogenation.
Here, Felix Hoffman, in 1898, had solved the problem of stomach irritation associated with the analgesic salicylic acid by treating it with acetic anhydride to produce aspirin.
Thailand has vowed to control the movement of chemicals used in the production of amphetamines and heroin, including acetic anhydride and chloroform.