acetic anhydride

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a compound that is needed in order to refine opium into heroin

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Acetylation with acetic anhydride is the only active chemical modification which has been scaled to a commercial process (Rowell 2006).
The chemical cyclodehydration was accomplished by moderate heating of polymaleamic acid solution in the presence of acetic anhydride and sodium acetate.
Ominously, Kazakhstan, a newly independent republic of former Soviet Central Asia, has recently become a major manufacturer of acetic anhydride, supplying the clandestine laboratories of nearby Afghanistan.
ANF Quetta seized mega cache of drugs comprising 930 Kg Hashish and 1625 liters Acetic Anhydride in 2 separate intelligence based operations conducted at Qilla Abdullah and Quetta.
According to the statement, the seized drugs comprised 1826 Kg Hashish, 40 Kg Opium, 5.5 Kg Amphetamine, 5.5 Kg Heroin, 200 Gram Cocaine and 2520 Liters Acetic Anhydride.
According to him, ANF seized 1.877 tons narcotics and 2.52 tons Acetic Anhydride while carrying out 24 operations across the country.
He informed that the seized drugs comprised 1826 kg Hashish, 40 kg Opium, 5.5 kg Amphetamine, 5.5 kg Heroin, 200 grams Cocaine and 2520 liters Acetic Anhydride.
In April and November 2016, Pakistani authorities objected to the delivery of two shipments of acetic anhydride, totaling 26,500 litres, from China because the importing companies were not authorised to import the substance into the country.
KARACHI -- Officials of the Pakistan Customs claimed on Friday to have foiled a smuggling bid of a huge quantity of dual use precursor acetic anhydride of worth $1.5 million.
Pakistan Customs has recovered a huge quantity of highly sensitive dual purpose chemical 'Acetic Anhydride' used in the preparation of narcotics and making of highly explosive devices.
Chloric, phosphoric, and sulphuric acids; potassium hydroxide; ammonium persulphate; phosphorus chloroxide; acetic anhydride or acetic acid; vinyl acetate; derivatives of amber acid are considered to be modifiers.
413 kg Diazepam tablets, 73.5 kg Prazolam tablets, 57.027 kg Cannabis and Precursor chemical comprising 917.5 liter Acetic Anhydride, 50594.8 liter Sulfuric Acid, 4130 liter Hydrochloric Acid and 715 liter Acetone during the period.Moreover, this year ANF has frozen assets worth Rs 933.42 million, out of which Rs 21.14 million have been forfeited and Rs 0.
Acetic acid is used as key raw material in manufacturing numerous downstream chemicals such as purified terephthalic acid (PTA), vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), acetic anhydride and acetate esters.