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a substance that retards or stops an activity

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The patient reported that the anorgasmia appeared during the last 5 days of acetazolamide treatment (three days after the onset of 1500 mg/days dosage).
Central sleep apnoea: Improvement with acetazolamide therapy.
32) For prophylaxis against AMS, acetazolamide given at 125 mg to 250 mg po BID, 24 hours before ascent, and for the first two days at high altitude has been found to be effective.
Both Acetazolamide and/or Dexamethasone starting 12-24 hours before high altitude exposure and continued three to four days prevent sickness.
For example, a drug such as acetazolamide would appear as AcetaZOLAMIDE, to distinguish it from acetahexamide, which would appear as AcetaHEXAMIDE.
Acetazolamide (Diamox) is a drug that is supposed to help prevent it though it is not widely used, and needs to be prescribed by your doctor.
Cerebrovascular reserve is calculated from the response of the cerebral vessels to a vasodilatory challenge either with carbon dioxide elevation as tested by breath holding or with acetazolamide injection.
Influence of acetazolamide on AQP1 gene expression in testis and on sperm count/motility in epididymis of rats," Archives of Andrology 48(4): 281-294.
Medications included nortriptyline hydrochloride and acetazolamide.
Banned under Olympic and UEFA guidelines, the solution - called Diamox - contains Acetazolamide A, a prohibited substance for athletes.
Medics have also prescribed an eyewash called Diamox but it contains Acetazolamide A, which is on UEFA's banned substances list.
And medics have also prescribed an eyewash called Diamox which contains the drug Acetazolamide A - but that is on UEFA's banned substance list.
White, Cognitive Impairment of Acute Mountain Sickness and Acetazolamide, 55 Aviation, Space & Envtl.
Acetazolamide has been used to treat central apnea.