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Synonyms for acetate

a salt or ester of acetic acid

a fabric made from fibers of cellulose acetate

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The post hoc subgroup analysis examined data from the EPOS (Eslicarbazepine acetate in Partial-Onset Seizure) study programme, a multicentre evaluation of 247 people with partial-onset seizures across eight European countries over six months.
Complete report on ammonium acetate market spread across 155 pages, profiling 13 companies and supported with 205 tables and figures is now available at http://www.
EASTMAN n-Butyl Acetate, All Grades: Offlist Price increase of $USD 0.
Scientists had suspected that heavy drinkers absorb and burn more acetate, but, he adds, "Graeme Mason showed that this is actually happening.
Ethanol consumption can cause rapid drops in blood glucose levels, and since glucose (sugar) is the body's main source of cellular energy, acetate can compensate for low glucose by providing replacement fuel for the brain and other organs.
The addition of vinyl acetate to Schedule 1 created quite a hullabaloo as many press reports highlighted the fact that it is present in chewing gum.
Finally, hearing loss might be caused by contamination of the blood by remnants of old dialysis material, particularly cellulose acetate.
Accordingly, Showa Denko will increase the annual production capacity from the current 100,000 tons for acetic acid and 120,000 tons for vinyl acetate to 130,000 tons and 175,000 tons, respectively.
Indeed, Hidden Tracks Sabotage the Random, 2001-2002, seems like a massive circuit board hanging on the wall; pieces of clear acetate are grouped together into a twelve-by-seventeen-foot "canvas," strips of red and gray acetate acting as paint, and a number of other components stretch our onto the floor.
Pretreatment with goserelin acetate improves long-term outcomes in patients undergoing endometrial ablation for dysfunctional uterine bleeding, a recent study found.
For the flummery, trim a large sheet of acetate to form six 13x2 1/2-inch strips.
Sucking on zinc acetate lozenges may shorten the symptoms, say researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit.
This material is said to be an effective extender for epoxies, a secondary plasticizer for PVC, and an excellent compatibilizer for PVC/vinyl acetate combinations.
By photocopying designs onto clear acetate sheets--sold as wet media acetate at art supply stores and many photocopy centers--you can print distinctive gift tags, invitations, greeting cards, and tree or window ornaments.