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Synonyms for acetanilid

a white crystalline compound used as an analgesic and also as an antipyretic

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Common causes of acquired methaemoglobinaemia Acetanilid Naphthoquinone p-amino salicylic acid Naphthalene Aniline dyes Nitrites Benzene derivatives Nitroglycerin Clofazimine Nitric oxide Chlorates Nitrobenzene Chloroquine Paraquat Dapsone Phenacetin Local anaesthetic agents Phenazopyridine Metoclopramide Primaquine Methylene blue (paradoxically can transiently Sulfonamides worsen methaemoglobinaemia)
General pain relievers were no safer; the acetphenetedin and acetanilid found in most drug store headache medicines were linked to many cases of poisonings and deaths.
Smuggled phenacetin sometimes turned out not to be phenacetin at all, but a more dangerous drug called acetanilid or, even worse, talcum powder.