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a colorless solid amide of acetic acid used as a solvent and in the synthesis of organic compounds


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To overcome the limitations mentioned above of CPT-based treatment against NSCLC, we preliminarily examined a panel of acetamide derivatives and screened out a candidate N-[2-(morpholin-4-yl)phenyl]-2-{8-oxatricyclo[7.
Fertility of spermatozoa cryopreserved with 2% acetamide or glycerol through artificial insemination in the Japanese white rabbit.
The product is a mix of yeast strains including non-Saccharomyces yeasts designed to limit the development of undesired flora such as Brettanomyces or lactic bacteria producing biogenic amines or butyric and acetamide smells.
The acetamide structure of CLINME provides a unique opportunity to prepare structurally diverse compounds suitable for the incorporation of a variety of PET and SPECT isotopes.
Other than esters, three hydrocarbons and dimethyl trisulphide and acetamide were identified from methanol extract of bedbug excreta by GC-MS.
N-(2-hydroxy phenyl) acetamide inhibits in flammation-related cytokines and ROS in adjuvant-induced arthritic (AIA) rats.
Chitosan is prepared by hydrolysis of acetamide groups of chitin.
It produced a further decrease in the proportion of lignin markers in comparison with MN-2, and of microbial products such as acetamide and fiirans, while the BC and BN fingerprints were relatively intense (e.
1999) observed significant effect of indole acetamide and its precursor L-TRP on growth and yield of rice.
does not use cognitive-boosting medications (including co-dergocrine mesyiate tablets, Duxil, Acetamide Pyrrolidone, aniracetam, etc.
The hydrolysis of acetamide and chloroacetamide in dilute acid, Aust.
Chitin has a similar structure to cellulose, and its adsorptive properties are probably due to the groups acetamide (-NHCOC[H.