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the cup-shaped hollow in the hipbone into which the head of the femur fits to form a ball-and-socket joint

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Gamble, Intra- and et al (25) interobserver ICC values for both femoral stem and acetabulum were good (> 0.
Pelvis X-ray showed a normal femoral head and coxofemoral joint and a bony spur starting from the lateral corner of the right acetabulum and lying toward the anterior part of the hip joint, which was consistent with pelvic digit (Figure 4).
The obturator nerve has a variable number of articular branches likely radiating from a common stem located lateral to the obturator foramen inferior to the acetabulum (Figure 3).
The hip also has a labrum, a circular layer of cartilage that surrounds the outer part of the acetabulum, making the socket deeper to provide more stability for the joint.
brieni in having the testes, ovary and uteroduct in the same position, the uterine sac being removed far from the acetabulum and the latter being larger than the oral sucker.
Motor vehicle accidents often result in orthopedic injuries, and our patient had a left transverse posterior wall acetabulum fracture, left second and third metatarsal base fractures, right subtalar dislocation, and bilateral knee collateral ligament disruption.
The neck of the femur or the greater trochanter impinges on the rim of the acetabulum and thereby levers the head of the femur out of the acetabulum through a tear in the anterior hip capsule.
Foremost the head with the neck is resected and then the joint cup of the acetabulum is proceeded to in order to be machined.
2: IFE) is a small, flattened, triangular muscle, which arises directly from the dorsal ridge of the ilium, cranial and dorsal to the acetabulum.
Both procedures replaced the articular surface of the acetabulum.
On the ninth day, in addition to the gluteal deep soft tissue abscess, focal osteomyelitis in the posterior of the left acetabulum was detected (Figure 2).
Maximum width of acetabulum is 184 mm and minimum width of shaft of the ilium is 193 mm.
8) According to these authors, on the lateral radiograph, the kidneys should not extend ventrally beyond an imaginary horizontal line parallel to the spine that passes through the ventral border of the acetabulum.
Conditions producing bumps over the head neck junction (Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (SUFE), Perthe's, Coxa Vara etc) or conditions resulting in deepened socket (Coax profunda, Protrusio, Retroversion of acetabulum, etc) produce impingement.