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the cup-shaped hollow in the hipbone into which the head of the femur fits to form a ball-and-socket joint

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13,17) Even if the acetabulum is successfully re-oriented and the high cartilage-loading is decreased, the labral lesion remains and can be a cause of residual symptoms.
Acetabulum and femoral head were inspected, and the joint fibrin debris was gently removed, which allowed manual reduction of the luxation.
expalanatum, and found mainly in the bile duct, where we distinguished notable light pink or grey in colour with large muscular and strongly developed acetabulum than to rest of the body.
The types of Pipkin fracture depends on location and direction of force from femoral head to acetabulum.
sup][5] proposed that cam deformity at the junction of the femoral head and neck in some DDH patients could result in impingement on the rim of the acetabulum during hip flexion.
5-millimeter Herbert screws for the femoral head fracture and reconstruction plate and cortex screws for posterior fragments of the acetabulum.
To position the cup of the prosthesis in the true acetabulum, femoral shortening osteotomy is often considered to prevent nerve damage.
6,7 Displaced fractures in the weight-bearing area of the acetabulum generally should be treated with ORIF, and intra-articular fragments must be removed if present.
Efferent tubes leave towards anterior part of body at the middle of ventral part of each testis, joining at equatorial level of acetabulum forming deferent duct, entering posterior to seminal vesicle.
Due to the low-profile reamer/driver connection, the product improves access to the acetabulum.
The MRI scan that was ordered to further investigate the hip pain revealed a close proximity between the pelvic digit, which lay anteroinferiorly next to the right acetabulum and tendon of the m.
Classic dislocation of the hemiarthroplasty from the native acetabulum occurs in 2.
There was also an avulsion fracture of the anterosuperior acetabulum and a severely comminuted fracture of the right femoral neck with cephalad displacement.