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of the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh bone

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(23) reported that their patients with acetabular dysplasia had associated cam deformity.
A new modified technique of triple osteotomy of the innominate bone for acetabular dysplasia. Clin Orthop Relat Res 2005; 434:78.
Our search terms included "hip osteochondroma," "proximal femoral osteochondroma" "femoral neck osteochondroma," and "acetabular osteochondroma" as well as "acetabular dysplasia" in combination with the previously mentioned terms and "osteochondroma acetabular dysplasia." The inclusion criteria were all articles that included patients with proximal femur/acetabular osteochondroma with or without acetabular dysplasia and who underwent surgical excision.
(2) In 1989, Klisic introduced the term to replace congenital dislocation of the hips, (3) which suggested dislocation at birth and did not include developing dislocation or acetabular dysplasia over time.
Indications for arthroplasty include: osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), avascular necrosis (AVN) or osteonecrosis (ON), congenital dislocation of the hip joint (CDH), acetabular dysplasia (shallow hip socket), frozen shoulder, loose shoulder, traumatized and misaligned joint, joint stiffness.
ACETABULAR DYSPLASIA A congenital condition which results in a shallow hip socket that does not effectively enclose the head of the femur.
In order to treat acetabular dysplasia, acetabular retroversion and other hips deformities, pelvic and acetabular osteotomies are usually the first choice of surgical treatment (De Kleuver et al., 1998; Wada et al.).
Radiographic examination revealed a 3.5 cm LLD with the right leg shortened, ovoid femoral head, joint space narrowing, sclerosis, osteophytes, acetabular dysplasia, shortened femoral neck, and trochanteric overgrowth.
Acetabular dysplasia is often asymptomatic until patients present with degenerative changes in early- to mid-adulthood.[sup][19],[20] Some authors have speculated that most cases of DDH arise as a result of abnormalities in the anatomic structure of the hip that remain unrecognized during childhood and adolescence and only began to cause clinical symptoms in older age [sup][21],[22],[23],[24],[25],[26] (average onset of symptoms in nonsubluxated dysplastic hips occurs at 35 years of age).[sup][22] A recent systematic review found little evidence for a relationship between hip dysplasia and late hip OA in patients older than 50 years of age.[sup][27]
The patient was diagnosed with a left hip labral tear and acetabular dysplasia and was indicated for arthroscopic labral repair followed by a staged periacetabular osteotomy.
Osteoarthritis of the hip and acetabular dysplasia. Ann Rheum Dis 1991; 50: 308-10.
(10) In the study by Kocher and associates, (14) none of the 30 dancers with labral tears had developmental dysplasia of the hip, acetabular dysplasia, or Cam- or Pincer-type FAI.
Padgett, this large degree of rotation may be due to shallow hip sockets (acetabular dysplasia), which the body attempts to stabilize with a very large acetabular labrum--the supporting rim of hip cartilage.
Moreover, an animal study demonstrated that inverted labrum could affect the development of the acetabulum and occurrence of acetabular dysplasia by causing damages to the metaphyseal cartilage at the acetabular rim.