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of the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh bone

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The morphology of the acetabular margin is clinically important in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and diseases of the hip joint (Parmar et al., 2013).
Though ORIF is the best method of the treatment of pelvi-acetabular fractures, it is a fact that surgeries of acetabular fractures are technically challenging.
Patients with a history of a major (acetabular or femoral) component revision surgery, replacement of the modular components (femoral head-acetabular liner), debridement and irrigation with linear exchange in the presence of infection and a two-stage revision surgery for infection were included in the study.
(13) Bilateral hip ultrasound (LOGIQ General Imaging, GE Healthcare) was used to confirm any diagnosis of cam or pincer impingement and to evaluate the structural integrity of the acetabular labrum.
It facilitates appropriate acetabular formation during skeletal maturation, stabilizes the femoral head by deepening the acetabulum, and seals synovial fluid within the hip joint.
Confirmation of adequate fit was done by visual inspection through the hole in the acetabular cup and by rocking of the pelvis after insertion of trial cup with its attached handle.
The first 14 fine registration points are also used to determine the acetabular center of rotation landmark and the three-dimensional model is precisely matched to these points.
In cam-type morphology, the proximal femur osseous morphology is characterized by an aspherical cartilage extension at the anterosuperior head-neck junction that abuts against the acetabular rim with flexion and internal rotation of the hip.
DPO, as well as TPO and JPS are indicated to young dogs, since they tend to minimize or avoid the development of degenerative joint disease due to the ventroversion of the dorsal acetabular rim and to increase cover of femoral head (SLOCUM, 1992; VEZZONI et al., 2010).
This report identified common failure modes of MoM systems, but despite the substantial level of detail, the memorandum failed to mention a rare and poorly understood failure mode in MoM HRA implant systems, debonding of the porous titanium (Ti) coating from the cobalt (Co) chrome acetabular component.
On the acetabular side, the acetabulum component implantation site was located at the point where the original acetabulum contacted the lateral wall of the teardrop and achieved a cup CE angle of more than 0[degrees].
MicroPort Orthopedics Launches Acetabular Cup System