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of the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh bone

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This text outlines the diagnosis, indications, and treatment strategies for acetabular fractures, with an emphasis on individual fracture types in terms of diagnostics, indications, selection of approaches, reduction and fixation techniques, and the presentation of currently available long-term outcomes in specific types.
This facilitates the dismounting of the work piece fixture with the attached acetabular cups and mounting it into the second machine, where the cups receive a mirror polish with a specially formulated polishing medium.
12) Changes in SPT induced by a spinal realignment surgery may change SPT by 15[degrees] to 20[degrees], resulting in changes to acetabular cup position and subsequent instability of a previously stable THA.
MicroPort Orthopedics' is Procotyl Prime Acetabular Cup System is now commercially available.
sup][3] suggested that gradually increased shear stress at the acetabular margin was due to anterolateral migration of the femoral head in dysplastic hips.
The G7 Acetabular System also offers clinicians and healthcare systems the benefits of a streamlined instrumentation and delivery platform.
We present the case of a traumatic periprosthetic acetabular fracture (central protrusion fracture) treated by one-stage exchange using a Burch-Schneider antiprotrusio cage and bone reconstruction with a calcium sulphate/hydroxyapatite bone graft substitute.
During acetabular preparation, we always tried to identify the margin of the acetabulum before reaming was begun.
modification of DeLee and Charnely for acetabular component).
Keywords: Acetabular fracture, Fracture, Hip, Minimal invasive surgery, Plate osteosynthesis.
launched the Dual Connection Offset Acetabular Reamer Driver.
sup][11] Irreducible dislocations may be caused by bony or soft tissue interposition, including that of the rectus femoris, piriformis, gluteus maximus, labrum, capsule, iliopsoas, ligamentum teres, or bone fragments from the acetabular wall or femoral head.
25 mg/kg de diazepam, via endovenosa, para la toma de placas radiograficas en posicion ventro-dorsal, asi como para medir el indice de distraccion y de proyeccion del borde acetabular dorsal.
No differences in neck angle, acetabular depth, acetabular version, and femoral neck anteversion were found between dancers and controls.