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Synonyms for acetabular

of the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh bone

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A biomechanical study of conventinal acetabular internal fracture fixation versus locking plate fixation, Canadian Journal of Surgery 52(3):221-228.
ON THE CASE: Solicitor Aisha Ahmed at Armitage Sykes (PC231211Cahmed-01) * JOINT: The metal DePuy ASR XL acetabular system total hip replacement and, below, an X-ray of how it fits in the body
New, unpublished 2010 data from the National Joint Registry (NJR) of England and Wales shows a five-year revision rate of approximately 12% for the ASR(TM) Hip Resurfacing System and approximately 13% for the ASR(TM) XL Acetabular System.
A post-operative radiograph (Figure 1) revealed medial migration of the acetabular construct prompting CT scans of his pelvis.
Adler Ortho therefore decided to develop a completely new acetabular cup, able to take advantage of the full range of possibilities that the EBM technology offers.
2) scan of the pelvis at 6 months showed complete resolution of her acetabular osteoporosis.
In particular, the rotational velocity contributing to the stress at the hip joint, may expose the acetabular labrum to risk for tear.
By 1 year, 14 component revisions had occurred, including 10 for femoral neck fracture and 2 each for dislocations and acetabular component loosening.
This contact causes abnormal stress on the acetabular labrum and articular cartilage.
Tenders are invited for Uncemented Acetabular Cup With Cemented Stem 12/14 Taper,Stem Should Be Collarless Polished Double Taper Stem,Stem Should Be Compatable With All Size Of Metal Head 22Mm,28Mm,32Mm,36Mm And 40Mm Head As Well As Ceramic Head,Liner Should Be Hxpe And Available In Neutral And 10 Digree Elevated And Constrained Option, Available With 22Mm,28Mm,32Mm,36Mm And 40Mm Head Option,Uncemented Shell Should Be Available In Cluster And Multihole Option,It Should Be In Fiber Metal Mesh,Screw Should Be Available In 4.
Since 2011 more than 7,000 Cerasurf hip balls and acetabular liners have been sold for distribution across key global markets, the company claims.
based Consensus plans to use the Acetabular Cup Orientation (ACO) Hip Guide System from Materialise.
Acetabular System and its precisely engineered X3[sup.
Bone was removed until a normal acetabular profile was evident with the arthroscope and a healthy bed of tissue for reattaching the labrum was evident.