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the cup-shaped hollow in the hipbone into which the head of the femur fits to form a ball-and-socket joint

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Thus, at each test station, with the endoprosthesis installed in it, the force is applied vertically (as a rule, to the acetabula component) by means of individual pneumo- or the hydro cylinder.
grupo godeti: las caracteristicas de este son, garras con cuatro a seis <<garritas laterales>> y acetabula elongados; lo componen las especies N.
grupo longimaxillaris: garras con con cuatro a seis <<garritas laterales>>, acetabula redondos con pedunculos cortos y un esclerito redondeado entre las placas coxales; incluye las especies N.
Genital acetabula many pairs; female genital field with two pairs of acetabular plates; each anterior female acetabular plate with a very elongate, inner flap that is heavily sclerotized and bears one or two, short, thick, spinous, setae; posterior female plate modified and resembling that of Polyatax; pedipalp subcylindrical and well-sclerotized with tarsus rectangular and somewhat elongate with large, obvious clawlets; dorsum with obvious dorsal plates; male genital field as in Polyatax; male fourth walking leg apparently unmodified; bifid tarsal claws in all walking legs, while tarsal claws of second and third walking legs are obviously bifid to a lesser degree than those of the first and fourth walking legs; coxal plates with indistinct borders.
The last named species has two concentric acetabula, one enclosed within the other.
Studies on dysplastic acetabula and congenital subluxation of the hip joint: With special reference to the complication of osteoarthritis.
A bilateral condition affecting only the acetabula, with preservation of the articular cartilage and normal inflammatory markers, is unlikely to have an inflammatory or destructive etiology.