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acid red or yellow cherry-like fruit of a tropical American shrub very rich in vitamin C

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Ages 9 and over: acerola agar anise casaba chamomile chipotle cholesterol
Their Vitamin C Super Smoothie is packed with blackcurrants, acerola cherries and rosehips and slips down a treat.
y recordaran cual si les digo que encuentro --con regocijo complice-- un casi tratado (mas de siete paginas) sobre las jaleas, y mas especificamente sobre la de acerola, fruto rojizo del acerolo, algo como una manzana en miniatura, que por esto mismo --concentracion en poco volumen de los elementos esenciales para una jalea, cascara y semillas, y la poca pulpa consiguiente-- da un resultado exquisito.
The cherry in this product is made from pulverised acerola cherries and each millilitre gives a standard 60mg of vitamin C.
The treatment contained bioflavonoids (75 mg), rutin (150 mg), hisperidin (150 mg), rose hip extract (75 mg), acerola (150 mg), and vitamin C (3 g).
Other Mobius package design winners, who received a beautiful (but very heavy) Mobius Statuette, included: Mistic Zotics West Indies Acerola Berry, Mozambique Marula Fruit, Tibet Ginseng Green Tea, Japan Yuzu Fruit, Thailand Mangosteen Fruit, Brazil Pitaya Fruit product line; Pepperidge Farm Zesty Lemon Spritzers Cookies, Ripe Red Raspberry Spritzers Cookies, Cool Key Lime Spritzers Cookies product line; President's Choice Splendido Spaghetti, Gemelli, Farfalle, Tricolour Rotini, Fettuccine Nests product line; Terry's All Gold Milk Chocolate Selection, Dark Chocolate product line; Vikingfjord Vodka; Beerkeg Coolkeg; Coors Original Authentic Bar Bottle; Custom Gold Label Chicken Base, Mirpoix Base and Fish Base product line; Dettling Kirsch, Johnnie Walker Collection Pack; and Mor Vodka.
While your "natural" C could be all natural, more likely it's a blend of mostly synthetic C (usually made from corn starch) with a little natural C (probably rose hips or acerola berries).
It is followed by sections on berries, nuts, tropicals and subtropicals (including citrus), and miscellaneous fruits covering everything from acerola cherry to Guadalupe palm.
Clarins' Multi-Active Treatment Essence Vitality (pink) has teasel extract to boost skin vitality, and acerola seed extract to enhance skin radiance.
As observed by Lima, Maia, Sousa, Silva, and Figueiredo (2008), who developed a mixed drink made from coconut water and acerola (Malpighia glabra) juice, current authors verified that the formulations with the same concentration of pulp (F3 and F4) had the highest rates in total titratable acidity and vitamin C, whereas mixed beverages prepared from lower pulp concentrations (F1 and F2) had the lowest results in total titratable acidity.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: zac acerola and construction of a roundabout at the plessis-grammoire.
Acerola (Malpighia glabra) is a tropical fruit with high contents of vitamin C, besides carotenoids and anthocyanins, which are compounds that capture free radicals in the human organism, standing out as a functional food with great economic and nutritional potential (Mesquita & Vigoa, 2000).
Twenty traps were placed in the citrus orchard, 10 traps in the acerola orchard, 10 traps in the guava area and 10 traps in the fig area, with a total area of 2.
Foram avaliados 17 residuos agroindustriais, maracuja (Passiflora eduli), abacaxi (Ananascomosus), acerola (Malpighiaemarginata), uva (Vitislabrusca), graviola (Anona muricata), cacau (Theobroma cacau), torta de dende (Elaeisguineensis), torta de girassol (Helianthusannus), torta de amendoim (Arachishypogaea), torta de mamona (Ricinuscommunis), mucilagem e feno de sisal (Agave sisalanaPerrine), bagaco de cana-de-acucar (Saccharumofficinarum), fruto e torta do licuri (Syagruscoronata), raspa de mandioca (Manihotesculenta), e residuo de cervejaria (Hordeumvulgare).