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Synonyms for acerbic

Synonyms for acerbic

having a noticeably sharp pungent taste or smell

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

Synonyms for acerbic

sour or bitter in taste

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Chidambaram noted acerbically that after criticising the previous left-leaning Congress government's subsidies as "mindless populism", the new man in the job did not touch them.
A spokesman for Channel 4 said: "Cut is a timely workplace comedy-drama that is laced with an acerbically surreal sensibility sensibility which cuts straight to the quick of a lost generation.
Indeed, on reflection, all of Broodthaers's signature iconography--mussels, eggshells, eagles--points acerbically to the fine-arts tradition rather than whimsically away from it.
In An Encore for Reform: The Old Progressives and the New Deal (1967), the historian Otis Graham found that a majority of the figures he examined were at least skeptical of FDR's early corporatist phase, and that many were strongly opposed, sometimes acerbically so.
There must be some critical mass that has brought about this spectacular transformation from what Kissinger acerbically stated more than three decades ago that "Bangladesh is a bottomless basket" to the enviable position that Dhaka today has in the global textile marketplace.
The Bertram daughters and Mary Crawford are similarly left to their own well-earned damnation, but the language of Mary Crawford's dismissal is most germane, for when Edmund upbraids her over her willingness to condone Henry's adultery, she acerbically remarks, '"A pretty good lecture upon my word.
In a Harvard Business Review blog, Nolan acerbically commented, "Boeing effectively gave Tier 1 suppliers a large part of its proprietary manual, 'How to Build a Commercial Airplane,' a book that its aeronautical engineers have been writing over the last 50 years.
It is a tender and acerbically witty tale of two women who survive cancer and become friends.
If the P3 (now often privately, and rather more acerbically, described as FUKUS) were going to take a mile after being given an inch, then no more inches would be offered.
Speaking of him his tenacious wife Kate (June Squibb) acerbically quips: "You know what I'd do if I won a million?
Blackman writes acerbically, "Roberts rewrote the most controversial provision of the ACA," affirming "a statute that Congress did not write.
Many of its adherents were more attentive to what was happening in Paris, as Edward Thompson (1965) acerbically observed, than to life in Leeds or Birmingham.
The tenders were issued following reports citing US President Barack Obama acerbically criticizing Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for announcing plans to build thousands of new homes in the E1 area that connects Ma'ali Adumim and Jerusalem.
By relying on his pen, he expressed his revulsion acerbically and mordantly at the way the body politic behaved.
Perhaps, in large part, this return to the tragic past has come about as a response to legitimate concerns that the Holocaust, despite its place in moral consciousness, is receding from public awareness, vulnerable to the vagaries of inattention, perceived as an anachronism, a relic from the distant past, the stuff of academic excavation; as one of Thane Rosenbaum's characters acerbically acknowledges, "History, like fashion, has its trends" ("Defiance" 57).