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Synonyms for acerbate

cause to be bitter or resentful

make sour or bitter

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"Unremarkable though it may seem to outsiders, this claim of acerbating, linear integration contrasts with claims for indigenous stasis found in virtually all colonial and most post-colonial historiography" (p.
One lesson is that the insurrection could be a harbinger of more rebellions to come because of the rising economic disparities that many see the WTO acerbating rather than mitigating it.
Unfortunately, "purest profundity" is not a particularly egregious example of the author's ready recourse to arid alliteration, nor is "allergic/allegory/attacks" an isolated instance of acerbating assonance (please pardon the parody).
Water demands and changing water flow patterns from the short (29-54 km) watersheds arising from urbanization are now acerbating drought-related stresses experienced by even drought-tolerant local species.
The competitive seed usually yielded a minimal impact until it was strengthened to a nodal point of transformation by counter-communal forces from outside of Africa acerbating like forces within Africa.