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Synonyms for acerbate

cause to be bitter or resentful

make sour or bitter

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A spring drought acerbates the imbalance between above and belowground growth for as much as a year.
The simplicity of the resulting scheme obscured then, and acerbates now, more complex cultural, linguistic, and topographical realities on the ground.
This build up of mineral N after summer rainfall events acerbates the asynchrony in supply and demand for mineral N, which is an underlying cause of N loss in many arable soils in southern Australia (Fillery 2001).
This practice results in poor protein digestibility, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal distresses and further acerbates protein digestibility as the liquid portion may contain high levels of polyphenolic compounds (tannins) extracted from the seed coats of colored beans during cooking (Aykroyd and Doughy, 1982; Lyimo et al.