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Smart Solutions has pointed out to industry and clients that there is a worrying shortage of qualified drivers which it claims has been acerbated by regulations regarding driver qualifications that are due to come into effect next month.
Alzheimer's, possibly acerbated by a terrible, lifelong secret she has maintained.
Amidst the organization's hostilities, which the Haitians' presence would have possibly acerbated, and racist beliefs/anxieties of time, for members of 'le groupe Broca' the pendulum likely swung towards the latter.
The French don't understand why they have to work 100 per cent every day." This attitude was acerbated by factionalism; the team was made up of ethnic factions.
This global circumstance was acerbated by large regions plagued with hunger bordering on famine.
Another edition of the Mirror for Magistrates appeared in 1578, this time with essays on the fifteenth-century Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester and his notorious wife Eleanor Cobham, an obvious allusion to John Dee, a grudge, perhaps acerbated by Dee's enjoyment of the kind of favor and patronage from the queen that Ferrers had never enjoyed, that he apparently carried with him to the grave (Campbell 141-55).
Reductions in central government funding has acerbated the situation although authorities like Leicestershire and Suffolk have already dispensed with the services of a dedicated local studies librarian.
"This problem is further acerbated by insufficient staff," he said "There are thresholds, and all refunds above N$50 000 will be subjected to verification.
The manager's dilemma is acerbated by the absence of Leroy Lita, who completes his three-match ban by missing the game against Swansea on Saturday.
The bee incursion acerbated (or was acerbated by) late-season rots, forcing an early harvest of some varieties before proper maturity was achieved.
What acerbated irritation in certain quarters in New Delhi was a White House statement that India acted in concert with US.
In addition, herbage removal must be done in a timely fashion or the loss of income from reduced seed yield due to delayed removal will be acerbated with increasing lime application amounts (Fig.
This situation was acerbated by increased competition in Mogul's domestic market which saw the entry of two new companies.
The over-fishing is further acerbated by trawlers sailing under flags of convenience.
An already justifiable distrust of public judgment was acerbated when she was misdiagnosed as schizophrenic at the age of twenty-one, and she spent most of the following eight years in various mental asylums, narrowly escaping an unwarranted lobotomy.