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Synonyms for acerbate

cause to be bitter or resentful

make sour or bitter

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This global circumstance was acerbated by large regions plagued with hunger bordering on famine.
Reductions in central government funding has acerbated the situation although authorities like Leicestershire and Suffolk have already dispensed with the services of a dedicated local studies librarian.
This problem is further acerbated by insufficient staff," he said "There are thresholds, and all refunds above N$50 000 will be subjected to verification.
The manager's dilemma is acerbated by the absence of Leroy Lita, who completes his three-match ban by missing the game against Swansea on Saturday.
What acerbated irritation in certain quarters in New Delhi was a White House statement that India acted in concert with US.
This situation was acerbated by increased competition in Mogul's domestic market which saw the entry of two new companies.
The over-fishing is further acerbated by trawlers sailing under flags of convenience.
An already justifiable distrust of public judgment was acerbated when she was misdiagnosed as schizophrenic at the age of twenty-one, and she spent most of the following eight years in various mental asylums, narrowly escaping an unwarranted lobotomy.