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Synonyms for acerbate

cause to be bitter or resentful

make sour or bitter

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Bone spicules can acerbate the condition, and it is best not to feed bones to affected animals and animals in general.
Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said Tuesday China's failure to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) within the next few months could acerbate bilateral trade disputes.
Critics, on the other hand, contend the passage of the NAFTA and subsequent expansion from the current two thousand foreign-owned assembly plants or maquiladoras ("maquilas" for short) will only acerbate infrastructural problems that exist in Mexico.
Dobel, whose company is building the machinery, said the new lines will benefit world regions that face limited airlaid supply and will not acerbate the worldwide overcapacity situation in the airlaid market.
Hereditary enemies of the Tagalogs, the Macabebes had often sided with the Spanish and, because of this, had been attacked by the Katipunan during the 1896 revolt, which served to further acerbate the dislike between the two groups.
Kugler, Rapoport, and Pazy (2010) experimentally compare the behavior of groups of different size (= available resources), noting that size on the one hand acerbates within-group free-riding but on the other hand enhances chances of winning the intergroup contest.
The impacts of inadequate social services and how this acerbates isolation and loneliness were common themes that emerged in our interviews with newcomer women.