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Synonyms for acerb

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

Synonyms for acerb

sour or bitter in taste

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Justice Ginsburg has written several opinions in the field of Indian law that are particularly acerb, if not actually dismissive, with regard to tribal sovereignty, especially in the context of tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians.
From the adjective "acerb" in Othello to the verb "zwaggered" in King Lear, this glossary contains about 17,000 definitions, more than 2,000 of which are new to this edition.
In his "Foreword from the Literary Side," Frederick Crews (one of the great acerb critics and satirists of the whole endeavor of literary criticism), while not so sweeping in his declaration of war as Wilson, does address the political side of the conflict.
Jonathan Swift, a rival in acerb satire, employed it in his epitaph, which pictures him happy at having finally escaped the saeva indignatio that so lacerated his heart during his life.
Dahlberg's greatest subject was his mother, and his lifelong Waterloo was his own sexual appetite--his seven marriages, various imputations of harassment and physical abuse, and his whole raging ambivalence about sex: "A man may want to study Mark, or Paracelsus, or go on an errand to do a kindness to an aged woman, but this tyrant [the penis] wants to discharge itself either because the etesian gales are acerb or a wench has just stooped over to gather her laundry....
Duchamp favored the acerb, cool, and indifferent; Cornell privileged the nostalgic, limp, and oneiric.