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apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue (personified as one of the deadly sins)

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Sobre la acedia trata EVAGRIO PONTICO, Prakticos, 12: ed.
[Acedia] is a lack of magnanimity; it lacks courage for the great things that are proper to the nature of the Christian....One who is trapped in acedia...would prefer to be less great in order thus to avoid the obligation of greatness.
Beyond its formulation as 'acedia' and its Christian implications, it is in the eighteenth century that we begin our journey with the first appearance of the English word "boredom" in print in approximately 1766 (Healey 1984).
Lombardo gives a Thomistic analysis of the phenomenon of boredom, identifying it as a condition related to what the ancients called acedia or sloth.
The acedia didn't lead to his skipping Sunday Mass or becoming a Buddhist or Wiccan, only that he realized his heart wasn't in it.
El hastio de rezar o de predicar, o de confesar a las religiosas de los conventos sevillanos, no deja de ser un signo claro de cierta insatisfaccion o acedia que nos da luz acerca de su mundo interior.
Readers of contemporary retrievals of Christian ethics are familiar with works on hidden vices, for example, acedia. Such works typically draw from patristic authors and renew a moral critique of modernity from a theological perspective.
Roger Bartra examina varios de estos cambios de perspectiva de cerca; por ejemplo, al pasar revista a las similitudes entre la melancolia y la acedia, concepto este ultimo que valia en el siglo V como uno de los ocho pecados capitales pero que fue incorporado mas tarde en el pecado de la tristitia junto con otras modalidades de pereza, tristeza y desesperanza (185-186).
"The Royal Over-Seas League -- a commonwealth organisation - used to have an annual open exhibition of young artists and I had submitted a painting called 'Acedia' of a man in a red jacket holding a brush, which led to a commission to paint the Chairman of the Over-Seas League and former director of Air India, Maneck Dalal.
(...) sale de ese marasmo con esa escritura que funciona como un remedio contra la acedia, un exorcismo del demonio meridiano por medio de una escritura que no precisa del pensamiento claro, del plan de la argumentacion convincente (...) Pero precisamente su registro, el testimonio de ese estado para usos propios y ajenos, ya es una salida, un nuevo trampolin hacia su cara opuesta, la exaltacion, la mania de leer y escribir.
Indeed, he will only be happy if he can return home to "Narnia and the west." His character shows acedia or sloth, and as Aquinas says acedia always turns away from its good, so would this third lord turn back the farthest from his quest east.
These guiding themes are opposed to attitudes of ennui (acedia), disenchantment, and individualistic isolation; and, above all, they witness to and make evident the joy of evangelizing and of being missionary disciples, joyful self-giving, the preferential love for the poor, the mercy of Jesus, hope for the kingdom and "for the possibility of another world." I am not talking about separate tonalities, but rather about a harmonic configuration of "a whole series of ways" (EG 122) that show and spread the joy of the gospel.