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the ace in the diamond suit

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Even with the Beasts and Ace of Diamonds series, the outer armatures were first 'drawn in space' by welded iron rods.
At the second point, my wardrobe, I'd deposit the image corresponding to the second card, perhaps it will be Michael Jordan-the ace of diamonds.
Security guards protect the BMI Ace of Diamonds garden
And the most expensive garden ever created at Chelsea, The Ace of Diamonds garden, costing a cool pounds 20m and featuring jewels including a pounds 1m peony-shaped ring with pink and green gems, will no doubt attract attention.
JEWEL - The Ace of Diamonds garden POPULAR - The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is always a great place to find inspiration, or just enjoy the exhibits GREENER - A biodiversity garden at this year's show
Diamond-like Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, must make Canis Major the ace of diamonds.
I'm an Ace of Diamonds card' exhales the turtle as an underground window shutter slams shut.
GRIPPED: A protester is led away after allegedly spitting at the car belonging to BNP Leader Nick Griffin, as he left the Ace of Diamonds pub in the Miles Platting area of Manchester
Bergren folded his big blind and the flop came an ace of diamonds, king of diamonds and five of hearts.
315); a Gothic stained-glass window (13th century); Fra Angelico, Coronation of the Virgin (1430); Georges de La Tour, The Cheat with the Ace of Diamonds (1635); Rembrandt, Beggars Receiving Alms at the Door of a House (1648); Jacques Louis David, The Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon (1808); and many others, the book challenges its readers to look carefully to recognize specific images embedded in the larger work.
Play a high club to the ace in case the queen is singleton with East and return on the ace of diamonds and play the top club, intending to run it if West plays low.
SHORTLY AFTER SOUNDING off on the heroics of Curt Schilling in our January issue, we found ourselves talking to the ace of diamonds from Georgia Southern, Jack Stallings, and we could not resist mentioning our critique on pitching with four days rest.
Even is a simple, nonstressful task, subjects shown playing cards with a black ace of diamonds consistently and confidently identify it as either an ace of spades or a regular ace of diamonds, Nisbett explained.
As the leading Hollywood jewelry designer, hailed in the media as The King of Bling, the Ace of Diamonds, Neil Lane has International style influence.