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Synonyms for accusing

containing or expressing accusation

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"You asked for this format for a reason!"Philippe Lamberts, a Belgian representative, said accusingly. Of course he did.
The Kwik-Fit man who replaced it looked at me accusingly: "Have you been driving up on to kerbs?" Now why should I do that when I can perfectly easily get the same result by pootling along the crumbling remains of what passes for the Queen's Highway?
My sister gasped then pointed at me accusingly: 'DOMINANT INSECURE GENE!
I'm that no apologised "I was shaking when the doctor looked at me accusingly and said one of her parents, Adrian or I, must have suffering violently twisted and pulled our baby's arm.
What international community is that when it is shaken by a simple terrorist attack here or there but not by the slaughter practiced by a terrorist regime par excellence," Jisr said accusingly. "The crime perpetrated by the regime against the city of Aleppo far exceeds the terrorism practiced by Daesh.
The acrobatics of a macaque resembled an Olympic gymnast on the rings - that is, until it fell off and glared over accusingly...
I eat my meal whilst the over priced bottle of wine stares at me, accusingly and unfinished.
Pea protein, chia seeds, agave nectar and coconut water all now sit accusingly on my kitchen counter.
There it remained, with one eye staring up at me, accusingly.
They stared accusingly from the mirror as I bathed them with cold water, forcing me to focus on the image of someone I had come to despise.
Cutting the noise, Driller Killer yelled accusingly: "Did you know your 50mm floor is up to 200mm thick in some places?" "No," I snapped.
"I'm not convinced about your answer now, I think you're trying to cover up for lies," Nel said accusingly. Nel also tried to show that Pistorius was not as concerned about crime as he claimed because he did not quickly fix a broken window and may not have turned on his house alarm the night the 29-year-old model was killed.
It is often said that when you point your finger accusingly at someone else, remember you have three fingers pointing at you.
It's sadly gathering dust in the corner with the red light staring back accusingly at me like a lost Dalek.
The woman brandishes a finger at the first cop and says accusingly, "And I'll bet that liar told you I was speeding too!!"