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Synonyms for accusing

containing or expressing accusation

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I'm not convinced about your answer now, I think you're trying to cover up for lies," Nel said accusingly.
It is often said that when you point your finger accusingly at someone else, remember you have three fingers pointing at you.
It's sadly gathering dust in the corner with the red light staring back accusingly at me like a lost Dalek.
The woman brandishes a finger at the first cop and says accusingly, "And I'll bet that liar told you I was speeding too
The model then suddenly looks at the camera and accusingly asks the viewers whether they were thinking about "f***g" her with something that's been inside a horse.
A mess of what I can only describe as squishy, grey seafood that looked like brain matter arrived on a bed of stone-cold, reeking seaweed, huge langoustines winking their eyes at me accusingly.
For example, Representative Gohmert points accusingly to the fact that "the administration continues to bow down before groups associated with the goal of 'destroying Western civilisation from within'" - by which he means that the administration apologised to Muslims in the Quran-burning incident in Afghanistan.
Having characters point accusingly to comfortably seated politicians and Bourgeoisie is another well-tested epic-theatre technique.
In all of these areas, groves and lineations point back accusingly toward their source: the Imbrium Basin.
I bet you couldn't even care less if he won," I was asked accusingly.
You ate the cookies so you wouldn't have to share," Ralph said accusingly.
the man asks, pointing his finger at us accusingly.
Even the scenes with his golden retriever--who, he's convinced, looks at him accusingly when he drinks--have a wry wit to them.
Ambreen quipped back accusingly, "But you gave her our names after being caught, you traitor
It is your fault," he said accusingly to the South African athletics federation.