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containing or expressing accusation

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Later on, the abducted girl was recovered and she recorded her statement before a magistrate accusing the kidnappers of raping him repeatedly.
When an accusing party can rest assured that their name will remain anonymous, or that there will be no consequences for engaging in wrongful accusations, does that not encourage individuals to bear false witness against others, whom they might hold a grudge against for one reason or anther?
It is my belief that if an individual's name has been publicly tarnished as a result of false criminal accusations to the point where that individual's freedom or career has been jeopardized, then the falsely accusing party should be held criminally accountable in the severest possible manner.
As the nearly 2-year-old case against Edward Culhane finally makes its way to trial, a North Valley Superior Court judge dismissed a charge accusing him of sexually battering a baby sitter in his Saugus home four years ago.
However, Judge Charles Peven refused to dismiss felony charges accusing Culhane of sexually assaulting a teacher in 1994 at Santa Clarita Elementary School, where he worked after retiring from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in 1991.