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Synonyms for accusative

the case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb

containing or expressing accusation

serving as or indicating the object of a verb or of certain prepositions and used for certain other purposes


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3) At this stage, an Agree operation between v and O is expected to apply, by means of which O values its accusative Case, and v arguably values a D-feature which can be identified as some kind of aspectual feature or Aktionsart feature.
Due to the agree relation the [u] of are valued as 3rd person singular male, while accusative Case is assigned to the DP.
The later acquisition of configurations with non-alternating "se" in accusative contexts (6), as shown in (5), is unexpected if the difficulty of the acquisition is to be explained in terms of the possibility of alternation.
According to (de Hoop and Malchukov, 2008, 569), the object is obligatorily marked with accusative case in Awtuw if the object is as high as or higher than the subject in the animacy hierarchy.
I start by assuming that in English accusative case assignment can be seen itself as a derivative of two conditions: One structural and one featural.
In addition, the proposed scenario works not only sociolinguistically, by relying on the common processes of bilingual transfer and functional reanalysis, but also phonetically and semantically; in fact, derivation of a marker of oblique pronouns from the accusative pronouns of one or more substrate languages is able to explain the current semantics of the augmented forms somewhat better than the alternative proposals.
5) Of course, since these general theses can be proved only by systematic and non-selective analysis of corpus data, authors will analyse all emotion verbs which open up space for genitive, dative, accusative and instrumental complements.
In chapter 1 ("Sleeping Beauty: Accusative Case, Passive Voice, and the Subject of Production") Leeds selects several passages from Hector Boece's Scotorum historiae and the translations of these same passages by John Bellenden, The Chronicles of Scotland.
I suggest mores non uescitur altos, 'does not feed on lofty characters'; uescor would be used with the accusative, a rare construction but firmly found in elegy at Tibullus 2.
The noun diin occurs in nominative case as diin-u, in the accusative case as diin-a:, and in genitive case as diin-i.
German uses the alternation between dative case (position) and accusative case (destination) on the noun phrase complement (here only visible on the determiner).
The accusative tone was given to a correct substance," he said.
Nonetheless, he talked about the Iranian program with a tone that betrayed Russia's doubts to the point of being accusative.
7 in the accusative or written with preposition Frequency of wa in 88.
The role of dative/ accusative ko and instrumental/ablative se is discussed in this paper to show that dative and accusative ko are though two different case markers and have distinctive functions, they sometimes play an ambiguous role in forming active and passive constructions in the same sentence.