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Synonyms for accusative

the case of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb

containing or expressing accusation

serving as or indicating the object of a verb or of certain prepositions and used for certain other purposes


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(2) The forms in question include the Romanian accusatives mine, tine and sine, the stressed counterparts to the clitic m(a), te and s(e); LogudoreseNuorese Sardinian mene and tene, which in some variants of the dialect coexist with the shorter me and te; Veglia Dalmatian main and the predictable but unattested *tain and *sain, the stressed counterparts, respectively, of me, te and se; and central and southern Italian mene, tene and sene, in their local garb, used alongside the unstressed me, te and se in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, the Marche, Abruzzo, Naples, Calabria, Sicily and Salento (Bartoli, Das Dalmatische, vol.
Keeping that in mind, we may say that it is actually not the accusative complement in itself that is linked to particular aspects of emotions, but that the whole construction is involved in the form-meaning pattern.
Among Indo-European languages case marking inside PPs is used to express directionality, especially through the alternation of accusative (for GOAL) with oblique cases (for static location).
genitive and instrumental do not allow accusative case marker on an inanimate direct object.
It had nominative, accusative and genitive word endings, similar to modern German.
Assign accusative case to the other macrorole argument, that is, the Undergoer
The first word is "And" (a conjunction adding what Pound has to say to an uncomfortable amount of what has previously been said in verse and prose, but also a pun on the first word of Homer's Odyssey, "Andra"--"man" in the accusative case, and a word defined in Greek dictionaries by its exclusiveness: not a god, woman, boy, or animal).
The second example shows the transitive version with the accusative pronoun la.
Don't ask why questions because they sound accusative.
False pieties cover a nature that is all too often coarse, angry, and accusative. By our fruits we reveal ourselves, even though we may put on a good act.
Both the low achievers and high achievers showed evidence of preterite tense, person/number/gender agreement morphology, infinitival constructions, gerundive constructions, imperatives, articles and possessive determiners, auxiliaries, accusative and dative clitic pronouns, reflexive pronouns, the subjunctive mood, and correct use of irregular verbs.