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under a curse

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For this he shall live hated, be blasphem'd, Seiz'd on by force, judg'd, and to death condemn'd A shameful and accurst, nail'd to the Cross By his own Nation, slain for bringing Life; But to the Cross he nails thy Enemies, The Law that is against thee, and the sins Of all mankind, with him there crucifi'd, Never to hurt them more who rightly trust In this his satisfaction.
For love she drowned herself, and she was held accurst To pray for her neither simple nor gentle durst, And through the timeless years of poetry she slept Unmourned and unannealed, but Jesus wept.
More fiercely rave, Till the wide waves o'erwhelm the spot accurst Where ruthless Avarice finds a quiet grave
A news item said that even octogenarian bureaucrats would have to master "the clipt style prest into use to take the place of the accurst system now in such thoro use.
Dark be the day, accurst the hour, When WOMAN from her throne descends:-- That throne is VIRTUE; 'tis her power, Her hope of bliss on this depends.