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under a curse

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Poems and Sonnets and Songs both give "The slavery accurst, of tyrant man." Still, I concur with Blain's inclination to read the line as an anxiety about science rather than gender.
(46) Orcanes's response to the news of the breach is shocked disbelief: 'Can there be such deceit in Christians, / Or treason in the fleshly heart of man[?]' (47) Orcanes prays to Christ for revenge, and, in the next scene, Sigismond dies after realizing his fault: 'God hath thundered vengeance from on high, / For my accurst and hatefull periurie'.
This prepares Adam for the unexpected: a victory over Satan, Sin, and Death achieved not by glorious battle but by a "shameful and accurst" death: crucifixion.
For love she drowned herself, and she was held accurst To pray for her neither simple nor gentle durst, And through the timeless years of poetry she slept Unmourned and unannealed, but Jesus wept.
More fiercely rave, Till the wide waves o'erwhelm the spot accurst Where ruthless Avarice finds a quiet grave!" Thus with clasp'd hands, wild looks, and streaming hair, While shrieks of horror broke her trembling speech, A wretched maid--the victim of Despair, Survey'd the threatening storm and desart beech: Then to the tomb where now the father slept Whose rugged nature bade her sorrows flow, Frantic she turn'd--and beat her breast and wept, Invoking vengeance on the dust below.
"Through" was to be spelled "throu." "Cat" was to be spelled "Kat." A news item said that even octogenarian bureaucrats would have to master "the clipt style prest into use to take the place of the accurst system now in such thoro use."
Dark be the day, accurst the hour, When WOMAN from her throne descends:-- That throne is VIRTUE; 'tis her power, Her hope of bliss on this depends.
His humble attire--the penitential garb of his order--evoked the strongest reactions in Japan, where he was condemned as 'a wretch forsaken and accurst by all the world; that the vermin which are swarming all over him are too nice to feed on his infectious flesh'.
Xavier's humble attire evoked strong reactions in Japan where he was condemned as "a wretch forsaken and accurst by all the world; that the Vermin which are swarming all over him, are too nice to feed on his infectious flesh." Puzzled by the honour paid him by the Portuguese, the Japanese slowly came round to appreciating that "the God of these People must be truly great ...