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under a curse

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A news item said that even octogenarian bureaucrats would have to master "the clipt style prest into use to take the place of the accurst system now in such thoro use.
Dark be the day, accurst the hour, When WOMAN from her throne descends:-- That throne is VIRTUE; 'tis her power, Her hope of bliss on this depends.
His humble attire--the penitential garb of his order--evoked the strongest reactions in Japan, where he was condemned as 'a wretch forsaken and accurst by all the world; that the vermin which are swarming all over him are too nice to feed on his infectious flesh'.
He falls victim to a strictly literal reading of the Law, until Una saves him from lethal self-condemnation by reminding him of the grace that "doth quench the brond of hellish smart, / And that accurst hand-writing doth deface" (1.
Iberia bore him, but the breed accurst Inclement winds blew blighting from north-east.