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Synonyms for accursed

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Synonyms for accursed

so annoying or detestable as to deserve condemnation

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Synonyms for accursed

under a curse

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'For bounty, that makes gods / Does still mar men / My dearest lord, bless'd / To be most accursed / Rich, only to be wretched / Thy great fortunes / Are made thy chief afflictions.'
Activities conducted under the three such grants presented at the IFT include the expansion of the Via Dinarca trail across Mokra Gora Mountain connecting Kosovo , Montenegro and Serbia; development of cultural component of Via Dinarica trail in the Accursed Mountains in Albania, Kosovo* and Montenegro, and development a 500-kilometre-long horseback riding route connecting North Serbia with Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina.
He added, 'Truth is that Indian brutality has given in before Kashmiri's scarifies and determination but India continues to target innocent people cover up its accursed face and whole world knows about it well.
She said that international laws should be made to stop such accursed persons who commit blasphemy towards the prophets.
The resolution demanded the government and the Muslim world to sever ties with the Netherlands government and ask it to take action against the accursed politician Geert Wilders, who had put the world peace in danger through his blasphemous designs.
In Theory of Religion and the first volume of The Accursed Share, two works of social analysis written during and in the wake of World War II, Bataille focuses on clear consciousness and lucidity.
Peja, Albania, March 18, 2018 --( Balkan Natural Adventure has supported international film maker Katja Verheul, during her filming in Kosovo, where she is filming a short docu-fiction, which includes exciting scenes from the Accursed Mountains.
People can decide who is the accursed one," the PM remarked.Abbasi also talked about the tensions between the government institutions, saying the former president Pervez Musharraf was living comfortably in apartments of London and Dubai, while politicians dragged themselves to NAB courts.
At this point, PTI MNA Sheheryar Afridi stood up and launched a verbal attack on Deputy Speaker Javed Murtaza Abbasi, calling him 'laanti' (accursed) for not allowing him to speak on a point of order.
"Accursed" cannons "thundered," mocking the message of peace.
And the extra: The Accursed Kings , from the series by Maurice Druon
STRONG-WILLED bookworm Belle (Emma Watson) rebuffs the amorous advances of preening Gaston (Luke Evans) and soon after trades places with her inventor father Maurice (Kevin Kline) as eternal prisoner of an accursed Beast (Dan Stevens, pictured with Watson).
Barnaby Joyce described the internal divisions of his Coalition partner, the Liberal party, as an "accursed soap opera" full of "fluff and mirrors".
Coming to PlayStation 4 on April 12, Dark Souls III - Accursed promises to throw you into heat, cold, life, death and darkness altogether!