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After ensuring the accurateness of the complaint, the accused was summoned, and on interrogation he confessed to the charges saying he did so due to differences between him and the girl.
Similarly, authors of historical novels of the traditional type do not reveal during the course of the narrative how they have obtained their information, nor do they signal the doubts they may have about the accurateness of what they are reporting.
The accurateness of the Global Positioning System (GPS) has been enhanced with the latest handover of a fifth Boeing GPS IIF satellite to the U.
And yet Western or Westernized Arab writers try to invent Gulf countries tailored to their fantasies, steering away from accurateness, both in analysis and outcomes.
The reliability and accurateness of the REST Report, which can help loss mitigation specialists to determine exactly what foreclosure alternatives homeowners qualify for and can also pinpoint any problems in an application for a loan rewrite or other loan solution, along with the legal expertise of AAA's affiliates when it comes to foreclosure defense make for a powerful joint offering that can help homeowners to stay where they belong - in their homes.
Meanwhile, the effectiveness and accurateness of the model are illustrated by the flow sensor in the fuel providing system of an engine.
These activities result in the accurateness of getting what I want and avoiding future hassles.
In the next part of alMubtada' which discussed on the unknown accurateness of the classical histories and were not related to the Prophet Muhammad (p.
Ultralingua eventually grew to nine employees in their local Minneapolis office and seven language specialists around the world who review every entry in the dictionary software to ensure its applicability and accurateness.
She stressed the importance of the accurateness of documentation, that Nil or N/A had been written and that no space had a line through it, which could have been written by anybody or a mistaken slip of the pen, leaving no opening for misinterpretation.
APPENDIX B Coding Scheme Code Description Communication Communication Quality of communication is assessed by quality considering the following aspects: timeliness, accurateness, adequateness, completeness, and credibility (Mohr and Spekman 1994) Information The extent to which critical, often proprietary, sharing information is communicated to one's partner (Mohr and Spekman 1994, p.