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Facilities that take the time to do the procedure(s) correctly and accurately record their findings are much less likely to be accused of negligent care and, if sued, place themselves in a much more defendable position.
To improve your pedometer's ability to accurately calculate the distance you've run, enter your running stride length rather than your walking stride length.
For virtual images to be correctly and accurately overlaid or "registered" on the HMD, the AR system must have the capability to continuously track the user's head movements, exact position, viewing direction, and real-world orientation.
The thermoset process has previously been hindered by the fact that the only way to accurately determine the optimal cure time for a molded part has been to open the press.
448(d)(5)(C) to issue regulations permitting taxpayers to determine uncollectible amounts using alternative computations or formulas, including safe harbors that, based on experience, accurately reflect the income the taxpayer will not collect.
Using the NIST-developed Molecular Measuring Machine ([M.sup.3]), nanoscale lines have been accurately drawn on a silicon substrate.
The key to a facility's success in using QI data effectively is in accurately interpreting and analyzing QI reports, avoiding pitfalls related to the underlying MDS coding, and taking action to minimize risk.
He claims his wall-mounted laser alignment system, known as the LAZERod, can withstand the rigours of mining and still perform accurately.
It shows the size of landmasses fairly accurately and without too much shape distortion.
Now, however, genetic profiling of several of the most common sarcomas--similar to the DNA fingerprinting used to identify criminals--may enable pathologists to accurately diagnose most soft-tissue sarcomas.
Many people in the '70s were initially leery of bar code technology and did not feel comfortable with its capability to accurately track and report the prices of the items purchased in grocery store and other retail outlets.
I WOULD like to congratulate the Daily Post for its courage in apologising, and its subsequent decision to print the article on October 1, which accurately reported the speech made by the Plaid Cymru MP Elfyn Llwyd at the SNP conference the previous weekend.
For one thing, it allows us to accurately predict the effect of an event that has never been observed before.
The product enables the design of radial boards, those with identical blocks of design centered around a single device or area, to be carried out accurately. Typically, the time to design such boards is cut by two thirds.