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Chressanthis' other goal was to accurately capture a post-World War II Britain.
The communications interface between the Palm Beach County and Florida state biometric databases helps ensure that law enforcement officers who are working on cases across borders or jurisdictions have access to vital criminal information such as fingerprints and palmprints, and are able to share them quickly and accurately across agencies to help build evidence and solve crimes.
Measurements are generally conducted at a low speed of about 8 km per hour (60 rpm) under Japan's JIS standard, which is said to make it difficult to accurately predict unbalance at high speeds.
Most studies of sound localization in blind individuals have examined how accurately they can reach out and touch, with a hand or a cane, the source of a nearby tone.
It shows the size of landmasses fairly accurately and without too much shape distortion.
Mining and managing business data effectively and accurately has been a significant and ongoing concern for corporations over the last decade," said Mark Gilbert, Research Director for Content Management at Gartner, Inc.
An equally significant and common challenge of outsourcing real estate services is that many internal managers have been unable to accurately determine (or report to senior management) actual cost savings or operating cost reductions.
The model accurately predicts changes in output, going from one input condition to another.
Better that we put the story out ourselves, with plenty of opportunity to answer questions and to characterize the documents favorably, or at least accurately.
This means that each resident's initial quarterly, annual and significant-changes assessments are completed on time, accurately and comprehensively; that all the appropriate staff are involved in the data collection process; and that the subsequent care-planning process is based upon the results of the MDS and includes residents and families.
In a case of first impression, a district court recently held that the IRS did not have statutory authority to assess the employer's share of FICA taxes on tip income without first determining whether the individual employees accurately and completely reported their tips (Morrison Restaurants, Inc.
CLWA ratepayers should know that the agency could have largely avoided this turn of events if it had certified an adequate Environmental Impact Report and accurately reported the reliability of State Water Project water.
2 can accurately forecast those items to meet designated customer service requirements.
While these are important issues in need of resolution, the more important question to be resolved may be "How can nursing care be delivered more effectively without increasing staffing, while documentation accurately captures information necessary for appropriate reimbursement?
The interval clock is less well understood, but researchers contend that the ability to monitor time intervals accurately is vital to learning and memory.