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Synonyms for accumulator

a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes)

(computer science) a register that has a built-in adder that adds an input number to the contents of the register

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"The final leg of the bet was critical, as it completed an eight-fold accumulator and added more than PS200,000 to the winning pot.
A toilet roll tombola was one of the ideas which raised cash for LOROS in last year's Accumulator Challenge.
Because the core uncovery and subsequent core heat up coincide with the primary system depressurization and accumulator injection, these two phenomena (i.e., damaged core and accumulator injection) are closely coupled and the interaction between the two phenomena plays an important role in determining the progression of the severe accident.
And the more selections you put in an accumulator the more likely it becomes that any mistakes a bookmaker has made will be cancelled out - and cancelled out many times over - by all the mistakes they have not made.
Air pressure of at least 55 psi in the accumulator will prevent damper bottoming, which causes steering component damage and rough handling.
Likewise, how could an aircraft cross the Atlantic on only the contents of an energy accumulator? And how could a ship undertake a longer voyage on only an energy accumulator?
Accumulator organiser Theresa Meek said the teams had made some fantastic achievements.
After reviewing scientific works, the following cases of using hydraulic accumulator were established: enables an economical use of fuel in excavators (Godin and Schubert 2008); prevents from water shocks in various hydraulic systems (Nachtwey 2006); prolongs the exploitation of hydraulic systems (Flippo 2008; Nachtwey 2006); makes the administration of hydraulic systems easier (Nachtwey 2006); reduces noise in hydraulic machines (Godin 2009; Song et al.
A These three types of accumulator are all able to carry out a number of important functions in hydraulic applications, including reducing shock, maintaining system pressure, compensating for leakage, and providing a back up power supply when system demands are higher than the pump can deliver.
This is good news for Ukrainian automotive companies as well as auto parts manufacturers such as battery maker, National Accumulator Corporation (NAC) ISTA.
has launched Accumulator UL, a universal life policy focusing on cash value, to replace its UL One product.
Domestic accumulator (45-1 betdirect): Arsenal (v Man City); West Ham (v Wigan); Southampton (v Stoke); Luton (v Gillingham); Tranmere (v Brighton); MK Dons (v Shrewsbury).
In a parallel hydraulic hybrid configuration, the conventional powertrain is augmented by a hydraulic system consisting of a reversible hydraulic piston pump/motor coupled to the driveshaft through a clutch, a high-pressure accumulator, a low-pressure accumulator or reservoir and associated plumbing.
Abstract: The present describes the mathematical models necessary for the calculus and the simulation of hydraulic systems that use accumulators. The described mathematical models allow the obtaining of the optimum accumulator for the most used hydraulic plants.