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Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

an increase by natural growth or addition

several things grouped together or considered as a whole

the act of accumulating

(finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation

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Aon said it works with re/insurers to analyze potential accumulations and make recommendations specific to their portfolios for efficient reinsurance programs and underwriting insights.
To better identify and forecast hail accumulations from thunderstorms, forecasters from the NWS Forecast Office (NWSFO) in Boulder, Colorado, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder, started the Colorado Hail Accumulation from Thunderstorms (CHAT) project in 2016, which aims to collect hail accumulation reports and study the behavior of hail-producing thunderstorms with dual-polarization weather radars and a lightning mapping array.
a function of the amount of dry matter of the samples, the dry matter accumulation was determined at each sampling time (with the results expressed in mg per bunch).
The next step is to create governance processes around cyber accumulations, which include the careful tracking of cyber accumulation changes over each period of analysis (e.g., monthly, quarterly), as well as the identification of options to mitigate sizable concentrations, such as strategic uses of reinsurance, hedges and/or actively working sizable accumulations down.
In all plant organs, the total accumulations of 2.467, 2.752, 3.038, 3.609, 4.751 and 7.034 g [plant.sup.-1], respectively, at the cassava wastewater doses of 0, 8.5, 17, 34, 68 and 136 [m.sup.3] [ha.sup.-1], corresponded to extractions of 123.3, 137.6, 151.9, 180.4, 237.5 and 351.7 kg [ha.sup.-1].
Industrial and agricultural activities have been reported to be the leading potential source of the accumulation of pollutants in the aquatic environment including the sea (Tarra-Wahlberg et al., 2001; Akif et al., 2002).
2010) (holding landowners have no duty to remove natural accumulations of snow and ice).
A total petroleum system will normally include both discrete accumulations of oil and gas in conventional pools, reservoirs and fields, as well as more extensive "continuous-type accumulations" in shales and tight rocks ("The total petroleum system: the natural fluid network that constrains the assessment unit" US Geological Survey, 2000).
The aim of this paper was to investigate the absorption and accumulation of arsenic and mercury elements from industrial wastewater onto three aquatic plant species consisting of Phragmites australis, Typha latifolia, Scirpus (Bulrush) and Alisma plantgo under simulated arid and semi-arid conditions of Dezful region in southwest Iran.
We have determined special epithelial tubules which connected the intestine lumen with single localizing lymph nodule or with the accumulations of them.
In many states, this is due to the so-called "natural accumulation" rule, under which a property owner has no duty to remove or warn of the dangers of natural accumulations of snow, ice, and freezing rain.
Security Mutual Life of NY Capital UL High Early Cash Values; Business Applications; Liquidity; High Early Accumulations
First, they found that the communications medium, co-location, M&A, and experience generally do not affect knowledge flows or accumulations, or subsidiaries' overall performance.