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Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

an increase by natural growth or addition

several things grouped together or considered as a whole

the act of accumulating

(finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation

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has formed a specialized project team to identify a more scientific, practical approach to cargo accumulation modeling.
Identifying and managing building-level accumulations across multiple lines has become a priority for the insurance industry since the terrorist attacks of September 2001, which demonstrated the industry's vulnerability to concentrated losses in urban areas.
A natural next step, he adds, would be to develop techniques for using isolated measurements of precipitation to discern trends in snow accumulation over larger regions.
North Slope operators are devoting considerable amounts of scientific analyses toward locating, drilling and producing small to moderate amounts of oil from smaller isolated oil accumulations.
Finally, if you die with a large accumulation in your retirement plan, those assets could be hit with the dreaded "triple whammy," a combination of penalties and income and estate taxes that can consume more than 80 percent of your retirement savings.
This article compares investments in nonqualified variable annuities with mutual funds by examining, under different assumptions, the holding period necessary to generate the same after-tax accumulation.
Discover has historically delayed accumulations, and the trusts have repaid full principal balance on expected maturity dates.
11, 2001, alerted insurers that they didn't have a firm grasp of accumulations in dense urban areas that took into account not only property but also workers' compensation business, and for larger insurers, their different business units and types of products being written.
If a corporation has justified an accumulation for future needs by plans never consummated, it must take this into account in determining whether subsequent accumulations are reasonable.
In a dust collector system, these can occur in the hoppers or duct systems that do not completely empty and may have accumulations of finely divided aluminum, alloys and metallic contaminants.
Other investigators suggest accumulations of a protein called tau are the real villains in Alzheimer's disease.
The "excess retirement accumulations excise tax" was a 15% tax imposed under Sec.
Sohal and his co-workers at Southern Methodist University in Dallas have linked accumulations of protein carbonyl -- a measure of oxidant-induced damage -- with a fly's vitality and life expectancy.