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Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

Synonyms for accumulation

an increase by natural growth or addition

several things grouped together or considered as a whole

the act of accumulating

(finance) profits that are not paid out as dividends but are added to the capital base of the corporation

References in classic literature ?
A high degree of variability is obviously favourable, as freely giving the materials for selection to work on; not that mere individual differences are not amply sufficient, with extreme care, to allow of the accumulation of a large amount of modification in almost any desired direction.
The garment itself did not bear out the assertion, nor did the accumulations of grease on stove and pot and pan attest a general cleanliness.
The two partners have newly elucidated that cyanidin-3-glucoside and equol, a metabolite of daidzein, inhibit the accumulation of abdominal fat and leptin secretion in menopausal-model rats.
Sugar accumulation disorder appears to be a vine phenomenon at some sites (i.
has formed a specialized project team to identify a more scientific, practical approach to cargo accumulation modeling.
1) Some HIV-positive patients receiving HAART also develop "lipodystrophic" features, that is, loss of fat in some parts of the body (especially the face, arms, and legs) (2,3) as well as accumulation of fat in other parts of the body (such as the dorsocervical area, (4,5) trunk, and abdomen.
The roads which lead to al-Qutaifa area and the sub-roads which lead to al-Zabadani are hardly passable due to the accumulation of snow.
When the downstream process pauses, the accumulation system is activated and receives product from the upstream transport conveyor to allow the upstream machines to empty, or to continue their process for a limited time.
Since the accumulation of organic dye materials on the electrode bed decreases the electron transfer, the main objective of the research was to improve the performance of solar cells by using anti-accumulation agents.
Furthermore, senescence-related and H2O2-stimulated iron accumulation was attenuated by N-tert-butylhydroxylamine (NtBHA), a mitochondrial antioxidant that delays senescence in vitro.
Forecasters predicted Friday night that snow showers would start after 10 tonight, with a possible accumulation of 1 to 2 inches of snow and temperatures below freezing.
Previous research has indicated that the transcription factor nuclear factor erythroid 2-related factor 2 (Nrf2) plays an important role in reducing cellular accumulation of methylmercury (MeHg).
John Hancock Insurance announced today that the John Hancock Vitality solution, a new approach to life insurance that rewards people for healthy living, is now available on its variable universal life insurance product, Accumulation VUL.